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From America c2c 9/2/2014 # 1

EPA Mapping Out a Water/Land Grab, Caught Wet-Handed by Republican Lawmakers As Obama Halts Drilling, Russia And China Join To Launch Construction Of World’s Biggest Pipeline The Imaginary Non-Interventionist The Coded Message Obama Delivers When He Says ISIL Instead Of … Continue reading

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From America c2c 7/22/2014 # 1

AFTER 2,000 YEARS, THE LAST CHRISTIAN IS FORCED TO LEAVE MOSUL China’s Global Buying Spree and the Millions of Immigrants That Will Follow It’s Not Kids – It’s Entire Families… Jacob Rothschild? Could Bankers Have Anything to Do With Two … Continue reading

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China to Buy Russian Oil Gas – Petrodollar to PetroGold: Russia’s Wild Card via Maggie’s Notebook

Looks like we’ll have another Obama clusterfuck. Russia dumping U.S. Treasuries in reaction to U.S. sanctions? Or has it already happened? The dawn of PetroGold replacing the PetroUSdollar? Reading about the Petrodollar is incredibly disturbing to someone like me, who … Continue reading

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Guess who went to China

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And The WAR DRUMS Keep Pounding!….for PROFIT! Via The Lorinov Report

And The WAR DRUMS Keep Pounding!….for PROFIT! So North Korea is continuing to pound the war drums and Washington is moving war ships into the area as Red Communist China has already put troops on the Chinese/NK border. Don’t you just … Continue reading

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A few tidbits for 3-12-2013

Talk about a fucked up, wasteful liberal government. Click the links for the stories. Nowhere to Cut: Fed Gov Spent $1.5 Mil to Study Why Lesbians are Fat Bloomberg Claims He Only Banned Soda to Protect his 30-Year-Old Daughters Someone … Continue reading

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Is Turkey leaving the West? Via Joseph Wouk

Is Turkey leaving the West? Israel Hayom | Is Turkey leaving the West?. Recent steps taken by the government of Turkey suggest it may be ready to ditch the NATO club of democracies for a Russian and Chinese gang of authoritarian … Continue reading

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