By Alexis Ainsworth




It isn’t the voices of conservative media that Obama hears. Obama is totally tone deaf he doesn’t hear ordinary Doppler sound waves. The neuronal sound pathways of Obama’s limbic system defy scientific diagnosis, his brain’s information delivery mechanism by-passes the cognitive functions of the evolved mid and fore-brains; causing him to rely on the primitive functions of the hindbrain. He experiences sound synesthetically, as a neuro-psychic energy compulsion. This is a voice emitting information from a distant level of the unconscious, one that differs substantially from conventional psychological theorems about the subconscious mind.

An elliptical diagram of this intelligence sequence defines the polar opposites of the aesthete – the intuit – experiencing a consciousness expansion that exceeds ordinary cognitive phenomenon – while at the other end of the spectrum is the individual whose psychodynamic functions are inversely skewed; his perceptions are of an acute right angle to the linear data range of this curve. This type experiences no moral compass, is devoid of a conscience. Obama is in this latter category.
This pathology is rare, it exceeds that of the ordinary delusional range of psychopathic patterns. This sociopathy shares characteristics of that at the opposite end of this curve, each inversely exhibiting traits of a linear median range. Neither is understood scientifically.

Obama’s synesthesia performs as does all synesthetic phenomena; it is a distortion of cognitive and perceptual processes, by-passing the ordinary biological function of the 5-senses. 0bama’s interior self-talk generates a neurological brain pattern – (not, is generated by/from) – that short-circuits cognitive intelligence functions. This phenomena supersedes current neuroscientific data; the brain’s bio-chemical construction is macro-cosmically an intra-dynamic devolution of an evolved cerebrospinal structure, caused by its host’s thought (energy) patterns in the canon of cumulative centuries. It is a scientifically uncharted and unrecognized multi-linear brain map of a higher evolutionary neuro-dynamic, a golden braid of inter-and-intra-dynamic energy levels and patterns.

In all synesthetic phenomena, a voice is neither audible or inaudible, it is an energy sensation of the unconscious that neurologically translates to a mental-impulse, which the synesthetic experiences as instructive intelligence. In Obama’s case, every such instructive message is experienced as a mandate to action of a grand unconscious compulsion to achieve a macro-scale mission, experienced as a compulsion of the subconscious mind. His mind does not process a moral value concerning a state of affairs so does not determine a normative status of his actions. He hasn’t a clue about a logical context of the issues therefore has no awareness of their analytical severability.

The psyche of Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama is “head wired” (Parfit) to robotically-perform a mission that is an unconscious pre-ordination of the psycho-social historic impetus of these four names – in which is his entire self-identity, experienced by him as a psychic oblation of an unconscious ritualistic submission to the great historic destiny with which these names imbue him.

Obama’s occult strategies:

Hitler and Stalin both relied on psychic occult phenomena in their political practices, using this as weaponry to program the masses – as did Brezhnev; Obama does also; however, the published analyses concerning Obama’s use of mass hypnosis techniques do not accurately portray the broader syntax of Obama’s stratagems in this arena. Here, again, his operating methods are the automatic impulse of eons of unconscious histories – personal and impersonal..

Since forever, there have been those who rely on the occult as a strategic mechanism to arrange achievement of their goals. Hitler’s use of the occult far exceeded that of an initiate. Hitler’s long-standing reliance on the ‘Jewish psychic’, Erik Jan Hanussen, whom he later had assassinated – is well documented, as is his affiliation with the Thule Gesselschaft, and, of course, Goebbels whose operating predisposition was to rely on the occult. Their occult practices, as well as Stalin’s, Brezhnev’s, make our own 1950’s MK Ultra CIA visionaries appear as rank amateurs.

Dr. Jerrold Post’s extraordinary work in a field he pioneered during a 21-year career at the CIA where he founded and directed The Center for Analysis of Personality and Behavior, concerns the mental patterns and behaviors of these uniquely pathological creatures, that would theoretically also apply to Obama. Even Dr. Post’s luminous understanding of the sociopathic entrails of minds such as Clinton’s – whom he brilliantly analyzed – do not begin to approach insight to Obama’s psychopathy – nor does it Hitler’s. Both individual’s fall into an arena of psychological patterning that is intrinsically uncharted territory, regardless of what some in the field of psychology may claim. This arena of applied mystic energies to achieve power over others’ minds remains uncharted territory, other than superficially, even by minds as brilliant as Dr. Post’s. Obama, is a creature of a far different, much more extensive psychic weaponry than either Hitler or Stalin possessed.

The mission that drives him is two prong, on one hand Obama is the proverbially trite Manchurian Candidate, but not one of a psychological rank that Hollywood is able to understand or characterize on the big screen. Hollywood’s cherished talking heads from Oliver Stone, Tom Hanks, to Michael Moore and everyone in between haven’t so much as one molecule of intelligent cerebral activity able to comprehend Obama’s psyche….starting with their inability to recognize the obvious evidence that Obama is mentally ill – and would be certifiably diagnosed as such were there a DSM IV theorem that covered the level of psychoses that he suffers from. On the second hand, Obama’s psyche, though programmed and operated by Soros, SS.,et al, at a deeper unconscious level is ungovernable by Soros or anyone; he is the cosmic stalker who is peremptorily acting out for Soros, et al. The quintessential men of their time, though not by a coincidence.

In the meanwhile, not atypically, Obama appears to experience some human emotions, though increasingly as he becomes more certain of his control over our government processes – since muscling through ObamaCare – he is publicly demonstrating disdain and indifference to the American electorate and his virtual enemies in Washington. Earlier he appeared to register pros and cons concerning whatever may be his focus of attention. Few individuals have realized that the perspective from which Obama focuses on any issue is never logically consistent with known data of normative criteria of the subject’s relative dynamics. Between Obama and his ideations, there is a cosmic disconnect by any normative standard of evaluation – of reality – as we know it. Obama is “head wired” differently than are the rest of us.
Obama’s surrogate demons, The Talkers:

Obama’s anger at ‘The Talkers’ is focused on a well-placed target, but his reason for targeting them is nothing more than standard, devious, Obama-strategy to divert American’s attention away from their biggest problem: Him – and the politically subversive, treasonous, machinery that props him up. .

Obviously, Obama indulges himself in notions that The Talkers are out to get him – and as obviously, he is not psycho-emotionally calibrated to deal with opposition of any kind. He hates the Talkers, just as he hates America. In his mind the Talkers resonate as psychodynamic echoes of a heinous social phenomenon: Constitutional government.

There is only one thing that Obama hates more than he does America and the Talkers – it is ‘Himself’ But, this psychodynamic energy tide is not your everyday ordinary self-guilt. There is no guilt-factor in his consciousness; on the contrary; there is elation as he perceives himself to be wrecking the infrastructure of American values – and, daring Wall St., the banks, and major corporations to confront him openly. This energy is a real and serious force destroying real psycho-physio energy systems of a fine wave length that we do not recognize without a Tesla to demonstrate them. This might be compared in poetic terms as being what ‘gravitation force is to a (elusive) GUT, as electro-magnetic force is to gravitation – with the weak, and misunderstood, unacknowledged, magnetic force the incognito twin of gravitation force, as Polar Twins, unrecognized in their hide-and-seek drama alternating between electro-magnetic pole plateaus.

Obama’s hatred of America and of himself is merely a symptom of a problem much larger than its piece-meal evidence seen in calumnies such as ObamaCare, and the over-all agenda evidence of Obama’s seditious intent to destroy America’s governing charter.

About ‘sedition’ – Americana:

Joe Klein, of seditious fame himself, is too much a caricature of potent psycho-social images of impotence – such as the stereotypical ‘small men’ seeking grandiose roles (with goatees, of course) to be taken seriously. He, whose contemporary public image conjures up conventional socio-cultural biases against Jews who betray their own historic brilliance, for a pittance of attention, has made himself as irrelevant as are the publications for which he has written. Mr. Klein, like all token Jews who depend on affiliations with historically WASP-ish publications for their sense of relevance – but which are diminished by rabid Leftist journalistic policies – has served up a number of toxic dishes for his Gentile publishers seeking their own Leftist public approbation in order to remain free of lawsuits – in order that they might not be forced to forfeit their personal WASP-fortunes. Mr. Klein opted for Newsweek’s East Coast pogrom rescue – early on – then switched to Time’s. Meanwhile, from Oz Elliot over the long social curve to Meacham, the universe of Katherine Graham has descended on a deviation curve consistent with outright cowardice, while the clever Clare Booth, and patriarchal conservatively Christian husband, Henry Luce surely must have reincarnated in order to destroy Time as it is.

(I have a fantasy that all such ghostly figures have certain N.Y.C. destinations where they would choose to reunite, incognito, but which have been demolished since their departure, now instead accommodating the GM Bldg, or 345 Park, displacing some of our former more elegant dining rooms. Although I can more likely imagine them at The Algonquin or at The Palm Court of yesterday, when Dali was still holding court at tea time, or under a great chandelier in the Oak Room.- each of a past genre – when Ben Bodney and son-in-law Andrew were still running an esoteric Roundtable, sparked with Dorothy Parker and a star-studded literary line-up – much to the delight of my godmother and her spouse, de l’epoque – maintaining a pied-à-terre at The Algonquin, away from the upper eastside residence.)..

Little Clown, Klein, in the pejorative, is a token Jew of a token revisionist journalistic charter at Newsweek and at Time – but, he has no memory. How could he? When he started at these publications they had already opted for a cultural and intellectually honest tabula rasa agenda, erasing their former status accordingly. Now, the two weekly magazines of those that were formerly of journalistic prestige have had Klein, presumably subscribed as authentically a fine journalist, by coloring his own token political ideology in order to create a false relevance, but who is a fossil of a new-breed of MSM journalism now having gone functionally rabid-Left with worries about its own survival’ while in the process sacrificing its relevance: Pure Liberal-cowardice. Do not believe Meacham’s tomes, he writes to assure himself that he isn’t as crass as the ideology that he espouses at Newsweek – and, it isn’t easy to straddle your way from Tennessee to the Big City, as a homesteader somewhere in the environs of a peculiarly conservative social environment – that typically votes otherwise, but holds to the illusion that it is still a commonwealth of this country’s founding conservative social values – possibly in Darien, where the nouveau socialites tend to gravitate, in order to reverse-engineer the gravitation principle of their self-image.

The ties that bind Klein and Obama:

Little Clown Klein, like Obama, is merely attempting to divert the argument away from Obama’s seditious actions against America’s fundamental statutes of government – those being not what they have (seditiously) set up in D.C. – placing themselves as the subcultural alien homesteaders of America’s White House.

Klein’s essential goal is to find manhood. He hasn’t a clue that it is not to be found in wearing and playing The Beard for all that has historically demoralized his kind: Bi-coastal American Jews. A wonderful fantasy would be to see this “short-person” – (remember Randy Newman’s “Short People”? which sold off of the charts forever until PC came along) confronted directly by a few other individuals of physically short stature, such as Golda, Ben Gurion, and – the brilliant, tough-minded, Israeli Sabra, Maj. Gen’l Abrashi Tamir, who was the first national security advisor to Israel, who developed the NS system of 11 third world countries. They are all of the same height, within an inch — Klein is much shorter in social and psychological stature, he is a wimp-Jew seeking absolution for being Jewish from a still-waspish society that governs how his insecurities will go down – as he pleads for his place in society, by being a N.Y.-cum-L.A. Liberal Left/Fascist Jew.

These are not Jews; they are wimps, afraid of a replay of the Diaspora, or the Holocaust, mimicking disgust for the Jews WWII plight, while underwriting Obama’s grandstanding with Israel. These pseudo-Jews (JINOs?) from Spielberg on the Westside with his brotherhood, ranging from his longtime business manager, the very special Jerry Breslauer (who is absolved from this stereotype for a variety of reasons, along with some others) – tour through their Leftist-Fascist neighborhoods up and down Sunset Blvd, up Roscomare, across Chalon, up Chantilly, over to Howard and Libby’s long ago subdivided former Moraga estate, winding back down to Hilgard . on and on…acquitting themselves of the guilt of their insecurities, acquiring self-anointed dispensations for their mockery of Israel bu feigning claim to their history’s bio-social genius.

N.Y. and L.A.’s Westside Jews are pathetic creatures who, in their psyches, are still hiding from Hitler’s ovens – trying to overcome by selling out the grandeur of their heritage. They have no dignity. They have no self-assurance; they attempt to borrow it from the contrivance of their rhetoric, while assuming that making films and money attributes to an off-set of their insecurities which they impose on America and Israel ad nauseum. This is the crowd that cowers behind Obama’s insanity, his pretense of the role of Magister Ludi at Israel’s expense, as Obama is determined to cow Netanyahu, while emotioneering as The Great Equalizer, who is showing the world that he can as easily dangle Israel’s security as could Hitler, believing himself to hold the key to a replay of the Nazi German frame narrative, if he chooses to do so – and will – if Israel doesn’t sit up and take orders from this Negro Nazi.

An Obama-Hominid-Strain:

Obama’s psycho-genesis, and its socio-biological effect of, and on, his psycho-cultural structure – has produced a net psycho-social result that moves like Grey Goo in the world today, producing evidence of an ‘Obama-strain’ in the earth’s bio-dynamical regurgitation. It is this that is not even remotely recognized in society, and must be defined and dissected one part at a time, beginning with the ordinary psycho-social elements of the extraordinary psycho-biological elements of this creature –

presumably an extinct Hominid – a Kenyanthropus-Patyops primate – here, in contemporary time, running the White House; posing as a Homosapien !

However, this phenomenon merely scratches at Derek Parfit’s ‘Repugnant Conclusion’ theory, maximized by a power of 1000000000. There is another Obama, one that planet earth hasn’t even started to recognize. Not even the insane premises of Scientology come close. The problem is that this other planetary phenomenon actually does exist. Even Hawking, during this past week has acknowledged a level of reality that we poor things of planet earth haven’t seriously entertained as a cogent reality. Still, Hawking’s comments fail the test of their origin: It is the cerebrospinal-psycho-dynamic that produces other-worldliness – as a psycho-dynamic reality.

In this mix are The Talkers: .

The Talkers, are mere blips on the cause-way of Obama’s psychic disturbances. These are not more than contrived repositories of the least credible and least important symptoms of the trouble that Obama experiences in his head. The trouble in Obama’s head is far greater confirmation of America’s trouble than is his snit with The Talkers – and vice versa – however troublesome they are. The Talkers, for the most part are static chatter in the collective of a psycho-social kind that is of a “wire-head” psycho-dynamic energy level that has no net effect on society beyond having soothed the psyches of several million passive-aggressive Americans, needing a passive fix from The Talkers, in order to experience their aggressions, surreptitiously. Equivalently, getting an passive-aggressive fix from the Talkers, in order for them to go on in their passive stupors.

In the process, they reward the Talkers with millions of dollars of their time, awarding them advertising revenue. – benefiting only the Talkers. (Note, that Limbaugh did not have the influence to deter the most dangerous, and obviously abhorrent creature, from being elected, though Conservative thought prevails over the extreme Liberal ideologues by a ratio of something like 9 to 1. The conservative media goes to the bank with the proceeds of the vibratory fix they’ve endowed on their listeners and viewers. Their audience is, by definition, psycho-socially equivalently that of the ignorance of The Talkers – with an exception that has nothing to do with integrity relative to a socio-political perspective and standard.. The difference is relative – it is one of degrees of aggression, between passive and aggressive. The Talkers, all of them – barring Beck, whose work is pure genius, and fearless – have no solutions; Beck’s have too much the flavor of religious dogma – while the others all play their audience to a fair thee well, imbuing them with ‘feel good endorphins about their caste as the underbelly of creation’, while The Beast Obama is in power – ‘at least they are being understood’. This is a net-net suicidal/homicidal phenomenon – which Obama is counting on. This is the reason he pretends to be annoyed by conservative media. (When is America going to wake up?!)

The danger of this phenomenon is moving closer as we sleep.

Obama’s Synesthesia:

Obama’s attack on The Talkers is mildly surrealistically amusing – for those who are susceptible.

Obama’s loathing of himself has teeth; it pertains to extraordinarily complex psychological issues. This phenomenon begins and ends with what is fundamentally a schizophrenic mentality – but, one whose voices are those silent ones that prompt him from another wave-length: They are his psycho-genetic bi-racial inner dialogue.

Conventional psychological theory would dispute this, of course. This is a level of science that the exponents of political correctness have – only temporarily – stunted. But Wilson and Watson, each from different approaches to the subject, have proven the dynamical curve of Darwinian psycho-genesis. While it is fundamentally race-based, it isn’t within the scope of history’s deeply imbedded value-mix in the collective consciousness that underwrites and feeds the individual strains of contemporary collectives – all the alpha and omega of the psycho-genetic evolutions of mind-consciousness evolution exhibiting as neuro-biological strains; otherwise known as castes, races, ethno-cultures – within which there is the ‘survival of the fittest’ equation; the exceptions.. This phenomenon does not occur to those who haven’t the evolution to recognize this criterion. Rather, at best, these individuals are stuck with data that is edified by a Skinner Pigeon criterion.

Ordinary schizophrenic dialogue is superficial compared to the layers upon layers of systemic neuro-biological dissonance and dichotomies that form the evolutionary detours of Obama’s psychological histories, both personal and impersonal, woven into the biological summary that drives this cosmic ‘molecule’s’ socio-genetic composition. All of it being lodged as the infinitude of neuro-spinal wiring that meta-dynamically exceeds current Physics law, pertaining to its 10-dimensional theorems that might explain life beyond a nearly-understood 5 dimensional universe.

(Until we arrive at an understanding of a 26th dimension, we haven’t yet even tapped the ‘physics’ of a subconscious ultra-fine energy dimensional range – that constitutes the human psyche’s broad-band range, and, then we have only just begun to ascend toward the goal of that which science countenances as a ‘GUT’. The postulation of a GUT is an ever distancing myth to science, until it has attained awareness beyond the gross and quantum elements of the electro-magnetic force. We have 82 more dimensions to conquer before arriving at a zero-sum of the four fundamental forces, which I predict will certainly not be resolved with a Higgs-Boson particle.)

Along that curve, the composition of histories that explain Obama-Kenyanthropus-patyops-primate is found. Meanwhile, we can find a part of the larger story.

With this Obama creature, the spectrum is a template of intergalactic psychodynamic phenomena, all of which resides in a greater universe of the inertial frame-reference of this creature’s persona as Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama. The cerebro-spinal energy system holds the memories and the key to these histories, buried in the quantumness of a macro psycho-dynamic memory-template. Unfortunately, it is one that is little understood, though Eddington and Jeans are extraordinary examples of insight to it beyond that of most in their field; and, Roger Penrose also has begun to express similar theories in The Road to Reality, beginning, for general public consumption in “The Emperor’s New Mind”, as well as in other writings. Certainly, Tesla understood – despite his Pigeon preoccupations. (Better his Pigeons than Skinner’s; Tesla’s were in much more brilliant company)



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