The folly of negotiating with Islam and terrorists

JERUSALEM – Terrorists in the Gaza Strip are rejoicing at an Israeli decision today to evacuate troops stationed at a major Gaza-Israel border crossing following repeated Palestinian attack against Israel’s side of the border station.

“This retreat proves the Israeli army is a paper tiger. What we proved to the world in 2005 (when Israel evacuated its Jewish communities from the Gaza Strip) we are proving once again. We are reaching a new step and proving our resistance and our rockets are working,” Muhammad Abdel-Al, spokesman and a leader of the Hamas-allied Popular Resistance Committees terror group, told WND. Read it here.

JERUSALEM – The so-called military wing of Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah organization yesterday attempted to carry out a massive bombing of the Israeli border that, if successful, would have been the largest terrorist attack here since the Jewish state retreated from the Gaza Strip three years ago. Read it here.

Obama says we need to open a dialogue with these people. We need to sit down and talk, negotiate a peace. Find some common ground. I say it will not work. Look at what give backs and wanting peace have gotten Israel. These people don’t belong to a religion, but t a cult of death, hatred and destruction. They have shown it over and over again. Their “prophet” Mohammed was a murdering thug and they are intent on returning to his way of life. What kind of a god would advocate the murdering of innocent civilians and promie these “martyrs” a place in his “heaven” with 72 virgins. This is a despicable cult, nothing more.

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  1. boudicaus says:

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    What have we learned regarding this cult of

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    I posted this May 27, 2008 and it still rings true today. Obama and other delusional western “leaders” believe things will change. They are wrong!

  4. Wild Thing says:

    I agree with you, and the thing is they are taught it is ok to lie. So how can one trust any dialogue with a group or sect, or country whose leaders are raised in their so called religion that to lie is acceptable.

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