China, our enemy!

This is in response to a comment I received. Yes, China is our enemy, so is Russia. Probably more economically than militarily. They are an organized society that can be reasoned and negotiated with. Providing we have the leadership that will negotiate with good sense. Islam on the other hand only cares about the destruction and collapse of the west. It has shown itself to be enemies of both China and Russia. Their leaders are as naive as ours and perhaps will wake up and see what it truly is. If not we must go the course on our own and protect ourselves from this radical Islamist cancer. The entire world must wake up and see Islam for what it is. The Olympics, the most important international sporting event is being threatened by this cancer. I donn’t pass on China and Russia as being enemies, but they can be reasoned and negotiated with. Radical Islam can not.

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2 Responses to China, our enemy!

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  2. JC says:

    It matters very little that Russia and China can be negotiated with. They will throw their weight/support behind islam and their goal of submission/enslavement/destruction of the US. Read your Bible folks…the road map to all of what is going on is in there. And in his own words…”I will stand with islam” BHO/Lucifer. America what have you done by electing this wolf in sheeps clothing?

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