A wake up call to everyone.

What does Barack Hussein Obama, who is now set to become the Democrat nomination for Presidential Candidate of the United States, have in common with so called ‘bioethicists’ such as Peter Singer and Joseph Fletcher? They all advocate that parents have a ‘right’ to kill their baby, not just before birth, but even immediately after the child is born. Source.
This character is pathetic and God bless and help us if it gets elected. Sarah Palin had the courage along with her husband to have a Down Syndrome child. I have a Down Syndrome son soon to be 33. I don’t ever remember being told that our child might be. When he was born the Dr.’s suspected but the tests kept coming back negative. Finally we had to go to Albany Medical Center and have chromosone tests done and he was born in Dec. We finally got the final results in July-August. We went back to Albany and the Dr. was very pleasant and said. He is the same boy you have had for the last 6 months. He has not been a burden, but a blessing. My daughter his older sister by 11 yrs. works in the same field and loves him very much. Should/when something happens to us he will live with her.

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3 Responses to A wake up call to everyone.

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  2. boudicabpi says:

    I will have to hit MKviews. Thanks Angie.
    Bob A.

  3. Angie says:

    God bless you boudica. MKviews has a good post on Sarah Palin walking the walk in Alaska and not just talking the talk on special needs.

    Every parent I have spoken to with a Special child feels they are a blessing they could not have imagined. I suspect that God really has special parents for them too. Strong and loving in ways that those who have not experienced it are not.

    Hugs to ya

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