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More from Islam

1)What is the ruling of islam acting in movies?.If it is allowed what type of filims must be them?.Also what is the role of women in movies ?. 2)Why islam allowed to marry children(girls) of age below 10 with out … Continue reading

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Obama will bankrupt the coal industry and then everyone else.

Bankruptcy: The change Obama thinks the coal industry deserves… How many more jobs will be lost? How much will we pay for electricity? Yeah Obama you are certainly for change. The kind of change the Middle class of America does … Continue reading

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Modern technology assists a stone age culture.

NEW DOUCHING & BLOW DRYING TOILETS GIVES MUSLIM HYGIENE A BOOST Looks like infidel capitalism and entrepreneurship not Sharia finance has solved the age old problem of muslim hygiene in a manner that will give a “boost” to even the most hard core Islamist’s toileting … Continue reading

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The Day That Never Comes by Mettalica.

Whenever I see the video of this song it makes me think the following. If you were the soldier that was shot, who would you rather have by your side? McCain that would stay with you and fight or Obama … Continue reading

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