Obama will bankrupt the coal industry and then everyone else.

Bankruptcy: The change Obama thinks the coal industry deserves…

How many more jobs will be lost? How much will we pay for electricity? Yeah Obama you are certainly for change. The kind of change the Middle class of America does not need.

Thanks to Angie for sending this to me. Hit the link and read her post. Don’t believe it will be just the coal industry, don’t believe you will not be hit with his tax policies. He is wrong for America and if elected it will be to late. Obamunism = communism.

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12 Responses to Obama will bankrupt the coal industry and then everyone else.

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  4. boudicabpi says:

    Hi Angie,
    It will affect a lot more than people living in those areas. How many people are dependent on electricity supplied by coal fired power plants. It will affect negatively virtually everyone.
    Bob A.

  5. Conservatism’s current intellectual chaos reverberated in the Republican ticket’s end-of-campaign crescendo of surreal warnings that big government — verily,

  6. Angie says:

    Thanks for the post B. Can you imagine the hardship this will bring to those in these areas. Some towns rely on coal as their main industry. Ghost towns is what we will have if this traitor to the American people is elected.

    When the American people are screaming for energy independence and this is how he wants to represent them? This should let people know how the great one cares about them.

    I actually saw a video with a woman that had taken her children out of school to see him speak. She was crying and saying now she would not have to worry about the gas for her car or her mortgage payments..I was appalled. Does she think Obama is going to pay all that for her or see that she gets the money for it? He does not even take care of his own family. No it will be the suckers who work for a living. Perhaps they will stop working too. Why would you want to produce and better yourself? No need. You would just be working for the government if things go the way he has led those on the special kool aid.

    Unreal and unfeeling.

  7. juana says:

    “The America dream is on life support and obama is getting ready to pull the plug” people don’t be fooled, obama hates our way of life and he will destroy everything so many have died to preserve.

    vote smart!! mccain/palin08

  8. Jack says:

    Thanks Bob, that has been their agenda since the early 60’s, I worked on two reactors at Hanford, at the same time Washington Public Power Systems was building one there and two more in the state, the Dims shut them down, I moved into the oil fields and there they fought every dirty tactic they could to shut down the industry, including the blocking of coal mining and exploration by those oil companies. What they suceeded in doing is driving the independent companies out of business and offshore. The carbon tax will do us in and give the UN a greater choke hold on our’s as well as the world’s ecomomy.

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  10. boudicabpi says:

    Agreed but unfortunately there are too many lemmings willing to follow this character. Hei against coal, against more drilling, against nuclear energy. Unfortinately along with Al Gore Obama the mess iah can’t heat my house with their hot air.

  11. Edu says:

    I,m With Obama/Biden
    change is comming soon!

  12. sfokc6125 says:

    Wake up . Obama is only out for Obama. We dont vote for an anti Americans. Obama is an ANTI AMERICAN COMMUNIST SELL OUT. He wants ALL African Americans to believe you are the underclass.When you apply for a home loan do the banks care about the color of your skin? NO they only care on how much you can get a loan for, This is based on your credit score. I know I refinanced my home and the company that got it done NEVER SAW ME ALL BY PHONE AND FAX. Dont let him put this GREAT NATION DOWN .WE ARE AMERICA WE THE PEOPLE. NOT ANYONE COLOR OR RACE. NOT ANYONE RELIGION . BUT ONE AMERICA.

    You DONT RAISE TAXES WHEN THE DOLLAR IS DOWN . YOU DONT CUT THE FUNDS TO THE ARMED SERVICES WHEN THEY ARE ON THE BATTLE FIELD. And that is what he wants . Seeing he has never put his life in the line of fire saying I WILL DEFEND MY COUNTRY WITH MY LIFE. THAT IS WHAT AMERICAN PATRIOT IS . He wants to give the hard working AMERICANS MONEY TO THOSE THAT WANT TO SAY I JUST CANT DO IT. BLACK OR WHITE . WE ALL WORK HARD AND WE ALL PAY OUR TAXES. ITS NOT RACE ITS HOW HARD YOU WORK. He see him self as a new JFK. Thats odd Ask not what your country can do for you , But what you can do for your country. That means smaller government less pointless programs less taxes. More accountability to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. That is John McCains plan. Less in taxes less in Government spending . MORE POWER TO THE COUNRTY. WAKE UP LOOK WHAT THE CRAP THE ANTI AMERICAN IS SELLING.

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