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Grandma Obamama

Is moving to Washington D.C. Is she going to live in the white house off of the public dole, like Obama’s illegal immigrant aunt in Boston? Just a question.

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This sucks.

McCain did not lose because of Governor Palin. He lost because of his own campaign staff mis-managing. She should have been allowed from the get-go to go out and be herself. They wanted to groom her first. A big mistake. … Continue reading

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Obama’s election does not mean racism is dead.

To the contrary it shows that it is alive and well. You will not hear any of the so called “black leaders” say this but the fact that an overwhelming percentage of black voters nationwide voted for Obama shows that … Continue reading

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media bashing

2 days after the election and the only former candidate getting bashed is Governor Palin. This kind of sucks especially since some negative remarks are purported to be coming from McCain campaign staff. She is a tribute to all women … Continue reading

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