“The Mind of Jihad” by Laurent Murawiec

It is permissible to set fire to the lands of the enemy, his stores of grain, his beasts of burden – if it is not possible for the Muslims to take possession of them – as well as to cut down his trees, to raze his cities, in a word, to do everything that might ruin and discourage him…[being] suited to hastening the Islamization of that enemy or to weakening him.  Indeed, all this contributes to a military triumph over him or to forcing him to capitulate. Source.

This is happening throughout Europe, it is happening here and now. The west had better wake up and stop the evil tentacles of this cult of death and destruction or be destroyed themselves. Islam has shown that appeasement only leads to more demands which in turn so far is leading to more appeasement. We will not see what is happening until we get another wake up call as we did on 9/11, and unfortunately when that happens it will be innocent civillians that will suffer.

People, Wake Up!

We are at war with terrorism, make no mistake about it.

We need the military to end this, not a bunch of wishy washy pacifist politicians.

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