More on Obama’s certificate of live birth!

Thanks to Madison at the Downs for Palin group for sending this to me. It goes into some other questions and explains the difference between a certificate of live birth which they say Obama produced a copy of and a birth certificate. Quite an interesting video.

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7 Responses to More on Obama’s certificate of live birth!

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  2. Wild Thing says:

    Thank you for this post.

    I sure hope and pray our Constitution is respected and the Court does what needs to be done. It is bad enough what Obama’s agenda is for our country. But to be sworn in with a lie and against our Constitution is beyond words how bad that is and what it will mean for the rest of our Constitution too.

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  4. boudicabpi says:

    Goodtime politics,
    I just hit your site for the link you posted.
    Bob A.

  5. boudicabpi says:

    Yes Ted,
    The voice of the media is deafining in it’s silence. They have been in the bag for B. Hussein since the get go. If inaugarated the absence of honest objective reporting by these so called reporters will be as scary as Obama himself.
    Bob A.

  6. Ted says:

    On Dec 5 the Supreme Court will either allow or disallow the usurpation of both the Constitution and the Government of the United States — easily the most pivotal decision since our nation’s founding — and the silence of the news media is deafening (if not downright scary).

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