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Muslim Autonomous Zones in the West?

In “Europe’s Stark Options,” I considered the future of the Muslim-European encounter and conclude there are three possible futures, “harmonious integration, the expulsion of Muslims, or an Islamic takeover.” I then dismissed the first as unrealistic and stated that it … Continue reading

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Hamas and cowardly Islamist terrorists

Read the article here. Yes Toys R Us Hamas style.  Yes let’s condemn Israel, the United States and apoligize for these Islamist murderous thugs.  Nothing further needed. Read the article.

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The inacuraccy of the media and politicians.

As Israel persists in its military efforts — by ground, air and sea — to protect its citizens from deadly Hamas rockets, and as protests against Israel increase around the world, the success of the abominable Hamas double war crime … Continue reading

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The Arab Palestinian Lie

* The Arab version of the tragic fate of Arab refugees who fled from British Mandatory Palestine before and during the 1948 war, and from Israel immediately after the war, has so thoroughly dominated the thinking of even well-educated historians, … Continue reading

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