Muslim Autonomous Zones in the West?

In “Europe’s Stark Options,” I considered the future of the Muslim-European encounter and conclude there are three possible futures, “harmonious integration, the expulsion of Muslims, or an Islamic takeover.” I then dismissed the first as unrealistic and stated that it is too early to predict which of the latter two unattractive possibilities will come to pass.

There is a 4’th option in this article that is more scary. Read the article.

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3 Responses to Muslim Autonomous Zones in the West?

  1. boudicabpi says:

    That quote rings true. I have been trying to bring this point out for quite a while now. I will hit your site and see if I can find Infidel Bloggers Alliance.
    Bob A.

  2. I found this great quote from Sultan Knish: “While Europeans occasionally dare to speak about a Muslim problem, they won’t for long. If you let the cockroach problem in your house get bad enough, you stop having a cockroach problem, and the cockroaches start having a people problem. Soon enough Europe won’t have a Muslim problem, Muslims will have a European problem… and if anyone wonders how they will take care of it, a short look at the way Sudan, Indonesia, not to mention most of the Middle East have taken care of their Christian problem should answer that question. Men may have qualms about killing cockroaches, but cockroaches have no qualms about killing men.” Ran across this at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

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