The Arab Palestinian Lie

* The Arab version of the tragic fate of Arab refugees who fled from British Mandatory Palestine before and during the 1948 war, and from Israel immediately after the war, has so thoroughly dominated the thinking of even well-educated historians, commentators, journalists and politicians, that it is almost a given that the creation of the State of Israel caused the flight of almost a million hapless, homeless, helpless and hopeless Arab refugees.  Israel caused the problem and thus Israel must solve the problem.

This assertion, although viscerally engaging and all but canonized by the anti-Israel left (including the Arab-dominated UN)and the core of its narratives of the Middle East conflict, is unequivocally and utterly false

The State of Israel was created in a peaceful and legal process by the United Nations. The UN partition plan (resolution #181, November 29, 1947) created two states: the State of Israel for the Jews, and the State of Palestine for the Arabs.

* The Arab refugees were people who fled because of the war, the Arab states started.  The rulers of eight Arab countries whose populations vastly outnumbered the Jews initiated the war with simultaneous invasions of the newly created State of Israel on three fronts. Nascent Israel begged for peace and offered friendship and cooperation to its neighbors. The Arabs rejected this offer and answered it with a war of annihilation against the Jews, which fortunately failed. To this day the Arab states and the Palestinians refer to the failure of their aggression and the survival of Israel as the Nakhba – the catastrophe.

* Had there been no Arab aggression, no war, no invasion by Arab armies whose intent was avowedly genocidal, not only would there have been no Arab refugees, but there would have been a state of Palestine on the West Bank and Gaza since 1948.

These are just a few brief excerpts from a rather long but interesting article. Read it here.

It is time for Muslims to wake up and see that Israel is not the problem. The U. S. is not the problem. Most of the non Muslim countries are not the problem. The problem is Islam. Time for the U. N. the media and do-good politicians to stop defending Isam and start saying the truth and condemn the Isamists who have brought this onto their people. Thanks to The Religion of Peace for posting this.

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  1. analystweb says:

    My take on the middle east conflict – I have tried to analyze it based on the attacks in GAZA

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