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Governor Sarah Palin for president in 2012

At 5:52pm on January 3, 2009, Mary said… Greetings from CT, Bob! I’m trying to contact as many Team Sarah New York members as I can. We have about 50 in our Connecticut for Sarah group, and we are pledging … Continue reading

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Breitbart.tv » Matthews: My ‘Job’ Is To Make Obama Presidency A Success

Tell me again there is no media bias. Matthews job is to be fair and let Obama succeed or fail on his own. His job as he viewed was certainly not to see that the Bush presidency succeeded. He should … Continue reading

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Jihadist’s Nightmare

“Jihadist’s Nightmare – Supply of Virgins meets Deflationary Pressure” Thanks to No Compromise When It Comes To Being Right for posting this clip. It was to funny except for the end, but that it may have been an accident makes as … Continue reading

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Al-Qaeda and The Plague

Al-Qaeda and The Plague by  Robert Maginnis 01/23/2009 The report that some forty al-Qaeda terrorists died after the bubonic plague swept through their Algerian training camp has been treated with some glee in the media.  But that schadenfreude may be … Continue reading

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