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President Obama will protect us.

His national security advisor told him that the U. S. would be hit by an asteroid, and he is feverishly looking for it. He has not found the assteroid but will keep looking. Hmmm, I wonder if Mamabama or Biden … Continue reading

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A view of multiculturism between the British and Muslims.

Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism? Thanks to Akira for posting this clip. Visit the site. This is a lesson that we should learn from.  To do so we must first get our politician’s heads out of With this Obama/Biden, Pelosi/Reid “leadership” … Continue reading

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Wake up America, before it is to late!

Believe it. We are in a war for our survival and the enemy is a cult of evil, death and destruction by Islamists that have taken control of a so called religion. America is not immune to this cancer and … Continue reading

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