Reaching Out to Hezbollah: UK Takes Page From Failed Bush Playbook, Obama Future

Remember, back in 2005, when the Bush Administration floated a ridiculous trial balloon about making nice with Hezbollah, via the New York Times’ front page?

Earlier this year, while thousands of Lebanese people called for the ouster of Syria from their country, U.S. bureaucrats openly floated the idea of embracing Syrian-controlled Hezbollah. “U.S. Called Ready to See Hezbollah in Lebanon Role, A Sharp Policy Reversal,” read the headline in an outrageous March 10, 2005 front-page New York Times article. Incredibly, the U.S. was following the lead of France in embracing the terror group, only a few weeks after Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was blocked–by France–from getting the EU to formally label Hezbollah as a terrorist group. Source.

Below is the only way to face Hezbollah. We need no GITMO, we need no prisoners.

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