A must see for Muslim women.

IDF Girls

Muslim Bosnian Woman


Which life do you want for your daughter, your granddaughter? Islam is inherently evil and discrimantory. Thanks to Bare Naked Islam for posting this clip. Please visit the site and read the post. Muslim women should see this and then question the difference in their lives. We all should have fun and Islam will take that from us.

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5 Responses to A must see for Muslim women.

  1. gamal says:

    I see hot chicks clearly define the choice of religion for you guys

  2. JC says:

    islam hates women…it wants them merely to be subjects to the whims of men who hate THE ONE TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE. Women of islam rise up and worship THE ONE TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE. Your submission to men and a religion that is spriritually dead is the path to your destruction! THE ONE TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE would have you seek His face and seek Him…I am praying for you women of islam…THE ONE TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE loves you for you. THE ONE TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE would not have live your lives in submission to the evils that men of islam. THE ONE TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE would have you live in the Light…islam wants you kept hidden and devalued…a second class person one with no hope and no say as to who you are! islam is afraid of the power of women and it seeks to keep you and your daughters ignorant and dependent….THE ONE TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE would have you free and educated, able to make decisions about yourself. There is no freedom in islam for women…you are a slave in the eyes of islam, and you will continue to be as long as you continue to submit to islam.

  3. decidida74 says:

    Islam takes fun away? I know many muslim men and women who live happy, healthy lives.

  4. I have commented elsewhere, that this Christian American sees a great difference in the photos of Muslim women and the women of the IDF. The difference that I see is that the Israeli women are smiling, even within their eyes; while the Muslim women portray hopelessness and despair. The women of Israel have hope, and belief in a good future for them and their family, while the muslim woman can only look forward to more subjugation, more mistreatment, and the stark possibility that while her husband, brother, or father hides a terrorist, they will all be killed by those who resent the terrorism that is radical Islam. God bless the women of the IDF, and keep them safe.
    nuf sed

    • boudicabpi says:

      Yes if I was standing on a line drawn in the sand and told my life depended on going to one side or the other. Muslim terrorists or women of the IDF there is no doubt that I would be with the IDF. God bless Israel. And on your observations why don’t more people wake up and see what Islam is to women and speak out.
      Bob A.

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