Islam vs. the civilized world.

In Basra, Iraq, on March 16, 2008, Abdel-Qader Ali murdered his 17-year-old daughter Rand Abdel-Qader for falling in love with a British soldier. Rand was a student at Basra University where she was studying English. According to her closest friend she died a virgin. Ali was outraged when he heard his daughter had been talking to a British soldier. He stood on her throat until she stopped breathing. Rand’s mother called on her two sons to prevent the killing. Ali stabbed his daughter repeatedly. The sons instead of trying to restrain their father joined in the killing.

Ali showed no remorse. “If I had realized then what she would become (when she was born),” he said, “I would have killed her the instant her mother delivered her.” He was arrested and was released within hours. The police congratulated him. It was an honor killing—a not uncommon occurrence in Basra.

The 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment of the British Army served in Basra. Honor killings were not part of their agenda. They served nobly and bravely and did their best to protect all segments of the civilian population from violence and abuse. The 2nd Battalion marched through Luton, UK, the other day. It was a homecoming parade Angry Muslim protestors greeted them with ugly signs and placards. One said: “Anglican Soldiers Butchers of Basra.” Another said: “Cowards, Killers, Extremists” and another “Anglian Soldiers Go To Hell.” Source.

Time for academics and PC chicken shit liberal politicians to get their heads out of their

democrat-politician1There is no such thing as a domestic “honor killing” but it would have certainly been honorable had a British soldier seen this and sent the father and two brothers to their Allah and saved the girl. WTF kind of a so called religion is this? It is not a religion but a cult of evil death and destruction and has no place in civilized society.

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4 Responses to Islam vs. the civilized world.

  1. Pierre says:

    As if there are academics or intellectuals within Islam or Arabs for that matter. I just thank you for making me aware of my inferiority, barbaric inferiority that is. And it is true: this means we only understand the language of force, therefore, no matter how many of us kill do not bear it on your conscience for we do not understand the higher purpose for which you are benevolently acting, liberating us from our misery. O such lofty ideals fill my eyes with tears.

    • boudicabpi says:

      The academics I refer to are western academics along with the lily livered PC politicians and non”reporters” of the MSM finding reasons to justify Islamist terrorism. We were attacked on 9/11 by Islamist terrorists nothing less.

  2. Pierre says:

    Indeed we enjoy being retards.

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