The incredible teleprompter man!

Teleprompter Operators Catch Heat for Playing Nintendo


by Sid Bridge–White House Tele-Prompter Monitor

President Obama lashed out at his team of teleprompter operators yesterday when he discovered that his speeches for the last three weeks had been interrupted by a bevy of 8-bit Nintendo games.

An analysis of the President’s speeches over the last few weeks confirms that his content was influenced by the reckless Nintendo playing of his teleprompter staff.

“You are all valiant fighters whose efforts are appreciated,” said Obama to a select group of military personnel serving in Iraq, “But the galaxy may be invaded by the other Metroid. You must keep fighting.”

Obama teleprompter staffers admitted in a recent interview with GameFly that they are partial to classic adventure and role playing games.

“It gets a little boring listening to all this political stuff,” said Will Beeman, one of the President’s teleprompter operators, “We didn’t vote for him because we wanted to listen to what he has to say. We just like the way he says it. I had a bet with [fellow staff member] Joey [Canopolis] that I could beat him in Mario Brothers and that we could prove that nobody, including the President, really cared as much about the content as the delivery. I won. He owes me a Vault soda.”

Obama was again tripped up during a recent address to the British Parliament.

“I look forward to working with all of you to craft a world economy, dare I say, a world-wide new deal,” said Obama, “You all have a great history. Tradition. Lineage. Art thou a descendant of Erdrick? Hast thou any proof? I have great appreciation for our allies. The United Kingdom has always been there for us, and thou hast done well in defeating the Magidrakee. Thou hast earned three experience points and four magic points.”

Even congress wasn’t spared from the Nintendo-happy teleprompter.

“I want to thank this entire House of Representatives for its bipartisan stimulus efforts,” said the President, “Furthermore, pay me and I’ll talk. Ten rupees. In order to advance, we must go north, west, south, then west through the lost woods. Walk into the waterfall, and there are secrets where fairies don’t live. Now let’s get to work.”

The President apologized to the American people for the lapses of his teleprompter crew.

“I just wanted to apologize to everyone,” said the President, “My staff was playing Nintendo when they were typing my lines on the teleprompter and I made some embarrassing mistakes. But everybody makes mistakes. I’m still new at this job, and I’m sure we’ll work through this together. In closing, I just wanted to say, thank you, Mario! But our princess is in another castle.”

This was to funny not to post. Thanks to No Compromise for making us aware of it. This Obama character is just to much. The media tried to ridicule Governor Palin for some of her interviews and this clown stumbles with a teleprompter. Please let’s not ask that he speak without it. We can have the same entertainment listening to Biden and Pelosi talk.

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6 Responses to The incredible teleprompter man!

  1. Southerngirl says:

    Hey Bob…here’s a blogspot I think you’d love:

    I go there whenever I need a great laugh!

  2. Wild Thing says:

    I agree, I would give himi a grade of F also. He has flunked at all he has done. I think our Founding Fathers would score him the same way. I too love that we can at least have this teleprompter thing to laugh about. To stay angry every day all day is going to kill us and Obama will go along his merry communist way not caring how upset we all are.

    • boudicabpi says:

      Hi WT,
      Yes this was to funny. So much for making fun of Bush for 8 years and spouting about what a great speaker B. Hussein is. It’s amazing how upset the Obammunists get when after 8 years of Bush bashing they have to deal with what he and his inept administration is.

  3. Isn’t it good to laugh once in awhile? The obamunist gives us a lot to laugh about and Oh, by they way, I pray with everything in me that the obamunut fails!

    • boudicabpi says:

      Like you I don’t want our Republic, our country to fail but I also hope he fails and so far I would grade him a F. Is there a grade of F-, If not I would give him a U, not a C or a K, think you get my drift.

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