Warning about Islam from former French ambassador

Created 2009-03-27 11:32

Here is a text from the pen of René Servoise, former ambassador of France to Indonesia. It is posted at Bivouac-Id, Le Post and Terre d’Israel. Despite its length, I chose to abridge it only slightly.

A mutation of our nation is in progress. It is growing, it is profound but uncontrolled. In all likelihood, the immense majority of Frenchmen are unaware of it.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim families, from North Africa, the Middle East and black Africa – whose religion, aspirations and mores are radically different from ours – now live on our soil. Their birth rate is higher than that of European families. What is the consequence? Within 30 years the population of Islamist culture could be in the majority among those 40 years old or younger. “In France, we will have between 6 and 8 million Arabs by the years 2005 – 2010,” said Edgar Pisani, honorary president of the Arab World Institute. We have been duly warned: this is a radical transformation (political, economic, cultural and social) of our society.

The above is a short excerpt. Read this post in it’s entirety here.

Islam is overtaking Europe, Islam is overtaking Asia and the tentacles of this evil cult are reaching into these United States. As the Europeans sat idly by and let this cancer grow, Obama and his cohorts are trying their best to have us share the same fate. You can not speak nice to these people and extend an olive branch as they will in the end wrest it from your grip and use it to beat you with. Don’t tell me about “moderate” Muslims as by not stopping the actions of the radical Islamists they are just as much to blame. Non Muslims who fail to speak out are likewise guily of complicity and are assisting in their self demise. As they push us towards the NWO they will ultimately force us into servitude to an Islamist world. Visit Vlad Tepes.

Bob A.

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