Why Fears Of A Muslim Takeover Are All Wrong. Say What??

Analyzing the forecasts of an emerging ‘Eurabia,’ hostile to America and western values.

Published Jul 11, 2009

From the magazine issue dated Jul 20, 2009

To listen to Europe’s far right, it would be easy to conclude that the continent is poised for another round of bitter conflict with a centuries-old adversary. “The first Islamic invasion of Europe was stopped at [the battle of] Poitiers in 732. The second was halted at the gates of Vienna in 1683. Now we have to stop the current stealth invasion,” argues Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom, which claims that Islamic doctrine encourages terrorism.

It’s rabble-rousing stuff. But underlying Wilders’s polemic is an argument shared by many more mainstream right-leaning thinkers on both sides of the Atlantic. Europe, its will sapped by secularism and anything-goes tolerance, has allowed decades of mass immigration without serious challenge. Too feeble to defend their own values, governments have been ready to appease Muslim opinion and must expect the worst.
From here on the article turns almost into an article of fiction, much as the Koran itself. Those that believe that the civilized world can live in harmony with an Islamist muslim takeover are delusional at best. Suicidal at worst. Their actions speak louder than their words and don’t support what this fictitious  rag try’s to portray.

“Poso, in Central Sulawasi, Indonesia, which for several years has seen sectarian violence against the Christian minority. Thugs have beheaded 3 Christian 16 year old girls walking back from school. This Voice of America report tells how the anti-Christian violence has attracted Islamic militants to Sulawasi. WARNING: the following image from Reuters Alertnet is disturbing……


I guess Newsweek and William Underhill would say, Oh well only a 16 year old Christian girl. Muslims are such nice people.

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9 Responses to Why Fears Of A Muslim Takeover Are All Wrong. Say What??

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  2. JC says:


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  3. Jon. B says:

    I am not surprised at your ignorance. You choose the most disgusting actions committed by Muslims and claim that they are following Islam. I do not think I will ever see you issue an article that praises something a Muslim did. Let me guess, you would argue there is none? Clearly ignorant…

    • boudicabpi says:

      It is Muslims committing these most disgusting actions, no one else, and Muslims as a whole do nothing to stop it. Inaction = acceptance = approval.

    • JC says:

      Yes, clearly you are ignorant. But then what would one expect from you Jon B. The only thing that is praise worthy of a muslim is when he/she denounces the cult of islam and seeks salvation through the ONE TRUE GOD of the Bible instead of some lunatic whose only claim to fame is worshipping a false moon god deity.

  4. maho says:

    thats like christ think… they are killing people in afganistan… or in phlestina…

    the bich people on world are christ and juden…

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