Operation Fishmonger

Operation Fishmonger

By now I’m sure you have heard about the White House asking for citizens to snitch on each other when they receive information about Obama’s Government controlled health care takeover that seems, “fishy”.

image by Heesterbeek Ineke

If you get an email or someone tells you that the end game for Obama’s Government controlled heath care is to destroy insurance and have everyone in the country on a single Government-run plan, then you should send that info to flag@whitehouse.gov. In theory, you should send this blog post to that address. Obama needs your help to keep track of this divisive, disruptive, and inconvenient speech. Visit Steven’s site here.

Operation Fishmonger. He might have something here. Maybe anytime one of these numbnut congressman or congresswoman, or a member of the administration tells us their tales of how good it is we should send their name to flag@whitehouse.gov

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