If implemented Obama’s you can keep your health care may well turn into another lie!

Employer hourly costs varied significantly across workers within years, and this variation remained fairly consistent over the period (Figure 2).  Looking at 2005 for example, the difference between employer costs at the 25th percentile ($1.35) and 75th percentile ($3.37) was just over $2.00 per hour, or about one-and-a-half times as large.  These costs per hour can vary for a number of reasons, including: differences across plans in benefits and cost sharing, differences in premium shares borne by employers, differences in the demographic characteristics of workers in sampled establishments (e.g., average age, health status), differences in employee and dependent participation in health benefits, and geographic differences in the costs of health care.  For example, workers may have relatively higher employer costs per hour for health insurance because they receive generous benefits, they have an employer that pays a large share of the premium, or they work for an employer with an older workforce or located in an area with relatively expensive costs for health care and/or other goods.



Many employers as they look to the bottom  line I believe would rather pay for their healthcare and cove their employees by paying the 8% payroll tax for uncovered workers than have the headache and expense of providing a plan that their employees would prefer. This Obamacare bill is nothing less than an opportunity for Obama and his cronies to sieze further control of the American economy and citizen’s lives. It must be defeated.

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