CAIR Council on American-Islamic Relations. NO they are Crazed American Islamist Radicals

The below an e-mail from ACT FOR AMERICA

By Kelly Cook, National Field Director

Dear Bob,

It is my pleasure to announce ACT! for America’s newest “Chapter Leader of the Month”! This feature highlights the activities of our various chapters operating all over the U.S. We regularly receive updates from our hard working volunteer chapter leaders and will be sharing with you “the inside scoop” on their many successes.

Our August Chapter Leader of the Month: (Drum roll…………………………..)

Michael Hayutin of the San Diego, California Chapter!

Michael has recently experienced an amazing challenge and subsequent victory. Here are the details:

  1. The San Diego Public Library has been allowing CAIR (Council for American-Islamic Relations) to present a series of unchallenged “presentations” to the public.
  2. Michael found out about this and immediately started to politely ask the library for equal time. He wanted to be able to rebut the half-truths and deceptions being fostered by these Islamist speakers.
  3. When CAIR discovered that Michael wanted equal time at their meetings, they were adamant in refusing Michael’s request.
  4. The library, to their great credit, instead granted Michael his own meeting space and time for an official ACT! for America event for the San Diego Chapter!
  5. Very predictably, CAIR then asked the library for “equal time” at our event! This blatant hypocrisy underscores a systemic attitude of supremacy very typical of Islamists. They tend to want, even demand special treatment.
  6. To the San Diego Public Library’s great credit, they held their ground! CAIR’s demands were ignored, even in the face of a blistering national campaign that asked all their members and offices to call and email the library demanding a reversal of the library’s decision.
  7. On August 15, Michael Hayutin hosted a very successful chapter meeting at the San Diego Public Library!

I’ll let Michael relay the high points in his own words:

“My presentation went better than I could have ever expected. Thanks to CAIR’s hissy fit, I had a standing room only crowd of more than 200! I’d estimate about 10-15 % were in opposition and the balance of the crowd were very enthusiastic in their support. Everyone was civil. Mr. Hopida (local CAIR “Outreach Director”), after all his accusations, failed to appear. I wanted to thank him for giving me so much visibility.

“I felt like the crowd had been gathered by central casting. A professor from UCSD asked a question which turned out to be the poster child for my comments on how our kids are being mis-educated on the subject of the radical Islamic threat. There were lots of Veterans and even a sprinkling of Moslem support.

“We made a very important impression on the library officials. Just before I spoke, they were still reminding me not to incite or insult or offend. When it ended, they were full of smiles and seem to have gained respect (if not agreement!) for a different point of view. Remember, CAIR has had a continuing relationship with the library who had frankly expected the worst from us. The fact that Hopida didn’t show and that I reminded the audience of my disappointment regarding this fact, made a positive impression on the library staff.

“I could never have been as confident without Brigitte’s inspirational example and all the other Act! for America members from the area who came to support me, as well as those who could not come, but sent me positive messages.”


What a substantial victory for ACT! for America! I would ask you to ponder several points to glean from this experience:

  1. Michael simply observed an injustice and corrected it. He didn’t have to be “superhuman” to pull this off. Our chapter leaders are regular folks who are simply different from the apathetic majority in at least one respect: They will do whatever it takes to make a difference to protect their families and their nation.
  2. Michael and his wonderful chapter members could have been doing something else. There are a lot of options on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in San Diego. Yet they carved out a couple of hours to make a difference for all of us to benefit from.
  3. We grow large by growing small. We become an influential national force only after joining together hundreds of influential local chapters.
  4. Michael and his supporters have put San Diego CAIR on the defensive. In fact, we are accomplishing this nationwide, but it only happens when each area pulls its share of the load. In short, Michael’s efforts serve as an example that when we all do a little, together we accomplish a lot!
  5. What about you? Consider starting or helping a chapter today. Realize that combined with a small monthly Patriot Partner pledge of at least $20 to ACT! for America, this is the single most important thing you can do to stop radical Islam cold. You are needed!

Please join Michael Hayutin and hundreds of other chapter leaders by clicking here to sign up today!


Kelly Cook
National Field Director


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Let these crazies go back to their homelands. They clearly do not want to assimilate into American society, although clearly they are asses. They want the floor and push their agenda’s but when confronted

Muhammad_cry_babyThey cry foul. They are foul. America is a land of immigrants, but immigrants that have accepted our way of life and made us greater. These characters are things that want us to change and accept an immoral way of life beneath a cult of evil and destruction, Wake up America.

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  2. Moss says:

    The MSM never published the full appalling details of the Beslan atrocity for fear of provoking ‘Islamophobia’. See links under ‘Beslan – Child rape, torture and ritual murder’ at

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