Obama-healthcare, the proof is in the pudding

Obama claims that this will be paid for, in a good part by cuts in waste and fraud. Before these people implement a massive health overhaul let’s see them cut the waste and fraud. Let them prove that they can. Let them show they can run anything, fix the USPS, AMTRAC and congress. Then they may be a little believable. His speech IMO was a huge waste of time shrouded in BS. Let them show us that they are capable of doing something right before they lead us into an even deeper chasm.

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3 Responses to Obama-healthcare, the proof is in the pudding

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  2. Wild Thing says:

    Thank you so much and thank you for the
    links to the others as well.

    It is an honor to know you and thank you
    for your awesome blog and all the work
    you do.

    • boudicabpi says:

      It’s your fault for getting me started blogging. I do try. Thanks WT, I hit your site everyday. With 6 blogs going, 3 of them local it is hard to keep up.
      Bob A.

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