Islam’s child brides.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I had previously posted an article with some photos and took it down the same day as an e-mail from the source said it was in fact not true. I understand that sometimes a young girl will be a stand in for the actual bride and many times will be a niece of the groom. Either way it speaks volumes about this cult called Islam. Thanks to Debbie for posting this. Visit her site and read her post.




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2 Responses to Islam’s child brides.

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  2. ascomvence says:

    well, custome change all the time. I married a 14 years old girls in 1977. If were now I should be called pedophilist. now we have 9 sons and we are very happy. may be the the hamas are right by theyirpoint of view, religion and law.
    Its a milenar culture. may have their reason.
    I remember my granny saying. marry a man oldest than you. for your own security and confort.
    I think they are right.

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