Constitution Day

A message to all members of Patriotic Resistance

What is Constitution Day?

The signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787, by the Founding Fathers is one of the most important and influential events in American history, establishing the many rights and freedoms “We the People” enjoy today.

As you know, our Constitution is infringed upon daily by elected officials. Much of the current legislation on the floor at the House and Senate is a direct violation to these unalienable rights granted to us by God and carried out by our Founding Fathers.

Today, in Honor of this Constitution of the United States of America we hereby launch our Virtual Tea Party R.O.C. (Restore our Constitution) Fest!

This event will require each concerned American to make phone calls, fax, write, and email their elected officials at every office they have in DC and their state on EVERY THURSDAY starting today! We will keep this pressure up every Thursday through the fall.

For details and information on reaching your elected officials and or scheduling your faxes please go to :
What is Constitution Day?!

Please send this Virtual Tea Party ROC Fest to everyone on your email list! Add it to all your groups, organizations and let’s spread the word! It’s time for our Tea Party to ROC and Roll!

If your organization would like to be a sponsor and help us promote contact Darla D, National Coordinator. This campaign is bigger than you or me and any one group….it’s about the movement of the silent majority who is silent no more standing for Freedom and the pursuit of happiness in these…Our United States of America.

Check out Grassfire’s new campaign too…. Flip This House 2010! Time to replace those that don’t truly represent us!
Sign our petition and become a house flipper!!

Moving forward with your help!

God Bless America!

Darla Dawald

Visit Patriotic Resistance at:

TyrannyThanks to Tom at Kingston Tea Party for sending this.

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