Wardoons anti-Christian, anti-Jewish site

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is christianity religion or tradition?

Christianity is a tradition not an authentic religion. Any one with mind can see the factasound that christianity is nt a religion from God but it was invented by paul who was nt a disciple of prophet jesus peace be up on him. This man claimed to be a prophet and jesus as a god .Son of God or party of a triangler God family that is laughable and unacceptable to any one with reasoning mind but unfortunately many people are embued with the folsehood from the church. First who built the church ? Paul built it while prophet jesus used to go and pray in synagogue that means mosque in hebrew language.The church was built for business purpose the priests collect large amount of money from poor attendants of the church who are incited by the tactiful and treacherous priests. These ignorant people are told that their sins were exampted by God by crucifying jesus. They tell them what ever you do jesus will carry it because God punished his only son for us. This is nt a propaganda i am pervading it is a fact you cn check it. God is one and alone nt a part of trinity nt son nt father nt holy ghost. .God is sovereign and eternal and does nt need helpers. -God begot nothing nor was he begotten. Jesus is prophet of God just like others he did nt die in a cross or in a desert. But almighty God uplifted him to the sky and he will die in the day of judgement after returning to the world. By killing pigs. Destroying the false cross and he will be a muslim following the last prophet muhammad (pbuh) and he will rule islam in the world. -and there is nothing like God. *if you want to see that the bible isn’t from God just look at the numerous contradiction in the bible and ask yourself where did the word bible come from? When it is nt in the bible? Where does the word christianity come from? Does it come from the word christ that was jesus as many christians argue if we agree with them christ was a man or son of man as told in the bible aren’t they worshiping a man rather than God? -look at the scientific errors in the bible, can almighty God say such erroneous statements? No. Who said them? Humanbeing fabricated to mislead others and they won in their mission. But they and their followers will dwell in the hell for ever except those who repent and follow islam that is universal religion nt only for muslims but for all humanbeings.

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  1. September 8, 2009 at 3:01 pm Ofcourse every one knows the fact that christianity is satanic set of contradicting statements.
    The priests are hoodwinking the people with baseless lectures beyond any reason and truth.

  2. Muhamad kurdi said

    September 9, 2009 at 11:36 am Thanks to creating this site . . Special thank for our brother. . . Really this site is very useful that’s why I will publish this site in publical place in {mocospace, myspace, facebook, etc} all news and everything . . Allah is most merciful

  3. Wardoons said

    September 9, 2009 at 10:50 pm Brother,muhammad thank you for your comment, this site is still under constraction, it is your site my site our site, i was inspired to create it by jewish and christian anti-islamic blogs that pervade propaganda against islam. I wish that you will also create an other blog that is better than mine.

  4. boudicabpi said

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 20, 2009 at 9:11 pm
    I respectfully disagree. Christianity, Judaism are legitimate religions. Islam was spawned by a murdering thieving thug. A “religion” of peace and tolerance can’t condone the stoning of women, beheadings and the many other crimes perpetrated by Islamists. To not speak out and further to not put an end to these actions does nothing more than show that Islam is nothing more than an evil cult of intimidation, terror, destruction and death.

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2 Responses to Wardoons anti-Christian, anti-Jewish site

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  2. Mountain Republic says:

    This wardoon’s post states that your blog “advertises and sells the organs haversted from the palestinians online.”

    I consider this statement to be libelous and I urge you to take the appropriate action necessary to have this statement removed.


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