But… But… We APOLOGIZED!!!

The below are a few excerpts. Please visit the source for the complete article. Obama is a dangerous person for our Republic, for our safety, for our troops.

But… But… We APOLOGIZED!!!

It only took a few days for the arrests of would-be terrorists in New York City to fall off the front page.  Well, sure, nothing exploded–and God bless the cops, the FBI and other investigators for shutting this particular gang of Murderous Islamist Nutbags down.  But if the MIN’s had had their way, officials believe New York would have suffered the sort of simultaneous explosions that took the lives of nearly 200 people in Madrid back in 2004.  Imagine the headlines then. Why not? It could have happened.  It nearly did. Something like it may yet.

So my question is this:  what’s the use of all this good will President Obama has supposedly built up for us in the Arab world? All those apologies, all that groveling before some of the worst and most ignorant tyrants on the planet. Wasn’t that supposed to turn the tide of Arab feeling in our favor?

Remember Obama’s first sit down interview after taking office — with Al-Arabiya Arab television:

President Bush was constantly being attacked by the left for inciting Islamic terrorists by standing up to them.  After the recent arrests in New York, it seems to me we should all be asking:  Isn’t it Obama who has incited Islamist murder by shamelessly appeasing the tyrants at its source?

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