Islamic World Tour. Sit back, grab a beer and relax.

Obliteration is the Answer (graphic images)

If video does not show click here.

H/T to Bare Naked Islam. You too can live like this. If Obama and his tribe of Muzzie lovers have their way you will. Just keep reaching out to these people and bring them into the United States and we will follow the path of European Muslim immigration. Fortunately the Europeans are starting to wake up and see what they have done to themselves with a heap of PC BS courtesy of their enlightened leaders.

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1 Response to Islamic World Tour. Sit back, grab a beer and relax.

  1. Mosab Hassan Yousef is certainly a courageous but misguided man. Bucking the Hamas terrorists and its religious fanatics requires extraordinary courage. However,it is a tragedy that he left the folds of one obscurantist ideology for another. Far more people have killed and been killed in the name of Christianity than Islam. That the latter is now aspiring to outdo the former does not make either one appealing much less peaceful.

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