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CIC Obama vs. common sense, proven military knowledge!

This video will make it very clear why we need people like Col. Allen West in leadership positions and not inexperienced amateur community organizers. Obama hasn’t a clue and he is endangering the lives of those whose lives he is … Continue reading

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Let’s try this!

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A tale of two cities.

Visit Ron Mossad for his post. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… –A Tale of Two Cities 3/18: 2, 3/19: 1, 3/20: 4, 3/21: 2, 3/22: 2, 3/23: 1, 3/26: 1, 3/27: 2, 4/1: … Continue reading

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The world remains silent on murder and starvation, but hollars about apartment buildings.

Obama and other world leaders have an obsession with condemning Israel, while reaching out to devious, murdering Islamists who would see not only Israel destroyed but the United States and the rest of western civilization as well. WTF is going … Continue reading

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