The world remains silent on murder and starvation, but hollars about apartment buildings.

Obama and other world leaders have an obsession with condemning Israel, while reaching out to devious, murdering Islamists who would see not only Israel destroyed but the United States and the rest of western civilization as well. WTF is going on? Read the below and then hit Ron Mossad for the complete story.

BREAKING NEWS: Tens of thousands of people murdered, raped and displaced all over the world – overshadowed by new apartment building in Israel…

…Western governments, including Obama administration officials had no comment on the continuing violence in dozens of nations throughout the world but were quick to condemn the new building.
United States Vice President Joe Biden stated emphatically that the new building was “an impediment to world peace,” adding later that “if only the Israelis would stop building schools, roads, farms and electric grids the smoke monster would be imprisoned forever on the Lost island and we would finally get an answer as to why Walt was so important to the Others. Also, settlements are an impediment to world peace, did I mention that yet?”
Experts calculated that in the time it took Biden to make that statement an additional 139 Darfurians had their houses burned down by pro-Sudanese government militias, 54 Congolese people starved to death due to war-induced famine and 11 Rwandans were killed in tribal warfare.
Obama administration officials would not comment on any of these ongoing international conflicts but indicated that they would be happily discuss the newest snow removal laws passed in Jerusalem.

Has there ever been a more ridiculous rift between two allies than the recent scuffle between the Obama administration and Netanyahu over the new housing project announcements in Jerusalem? In all sincerity, I’m serious – historically, have two friends fought SO PUBLICLY over something as absurd as a new housing unit that it becomes an international incident, discussed by pundits at every level of the political spectrum? Think of the town you live in…can you imagine if anytime you wanted to widen a road or build a new community center or pass a new littering ordinance, that the leaders of 95 different countries would weigh in and gave you their opinion on what they thought about it? It would be crazy!
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5 Responses to The world remains silent on murder and starvation, but hollars about apartment buildings.

  1. themadjewess says:

    Bob, can you send the email to;
    the other one, I lost my paswd.
    I know about the Arab-Israeli conflict, and its just the way it is.
    God gave the land of Israel to the Jews. I know it makes the A-rabs nuts, because the Jews only want to keep the remaining 28% of their land, but we must be PC to the poor, sweet, thoughtless A-rabs…

  2. themadjewess says:

    But, come on! that is ‘occupied territory’

    • boudicabpi says:

      Hi Paulette,
      Occupied by Arabs and Islam until taken back by the original inhabitants.
      I have been a little bit off of late. Sent you an e-mail. Know you understand.

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