Screw immigration amnesty!

Illegal Alien Song

H/T to our friend The Mad Jewess, read her post on this.

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10 Responses to Screw immigration amnesty!

    • boudicabpi says:

      Not doing much online for a short while but did hit this. Thanks MJ. I sent you an e-mail about something that transpired on the night of Thursday, 5/06/10. It will explain what’s going on at this point.
      Bob A.

  1. steve says:

    Bob, I think Poker Face was on the tree hugging video! Jeez, what a freak!
    “Illegals” work and pay taxes! Bwah ha haaaa!
    Heck let’s just let all the people in prison out, so they can ‘work and pay taxes’. I mean, the people in prison did something “illegal” too right?
    I just went to Poker Face’s blog and it was exactly like I expect. Lunacy.

  2. RocketMan says:

    poker face needs to take off the blinders.
    do some research honey.
    most illegals work and pay taxes??
    are the illegals subject to drug screens, criminal background checks and credit checks during their hiring process?
    i don’t think so.
    hey poker face, why don’t ya move down to juarez? let us know how that works out.

    • themadjewess says:

      Rocket, my man, she is a KID…remember what we learned when we were KIDS…it kept us good;
      “children should be seen and not heard”
      Used to piss me off, but now it is the vc. versa for parents.
      THAT is why we have LOSERS like this chic up there called “JOKERface”

  3. Poker Face says:

    Amnesty was good enough for Reagan, that commie…
    Notice the song was sung in English.
    Most illegals work, and pay taxes. This clip shows, what, two crimes committed by illegals. Guess natural borns have never broken the law.
    Oh, and this is racist.
    You can delete this now.

    • themadjewess says:

      Pokerface, it is a shame that you young KIDS dont know shit from shinola.

      ILLEGALS don’t pay taxes dumbbell. They are paid under the table.
      You certainly ARE a racist, an evil, hatefilled racist little KID.
      On another note, Bob and Rocketman, I look at this KIDS face, and she probably was not even thought of when Reagan was in office. Too bad she was not the victim of the rights she holds so dear, (Abortion by murder)

      A small, tiny-minded, closed minded, FASCIST-NAZI that hates Americans.

      What a racist slime against Americans, taking up for the drek of the earth against people that have been MURDERED in our on our border, over 35,000 PLUS.

      I LOVE how these left wing jokers say how they care for the little guy.
      Well, LITTLE girls are murdered here in AZ, little BOYS are kidnapped, and here is the SCUM of the earth taking up for these ILLEGAL CRIMINALS.
      She probably snorts coke too, they just confiscated 40,000 POUNDS of Coke IN AZ, by none other than ILLEGALS.
      Caio :D

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