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Becky, Demolition Call.


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A date to quake your boobies

NY gals join busty, lusty imam protest New York women are ready to move heaven and earth to join the “Boobquake.” A worldwide protest against a wacky Muslim imam — who claims that scantily clad women cause earthquakes — is … Continue reading

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‘add to the picture’

It was Friday morning, and that meant it was time for an activity that the teacher called ‘add to the picture’. The teacher would call students to the chalkboard one at a time. The first student would draw an object … Continue reading

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We are losing an incredible generation from an SA mil doctor

I received the below in an e-mail. Please re-post or pass along. SOON TO BE GONE By A MILITARY DOCTOR This should be required reading in every school and college in our country. This Captain, an Army doctor, deserves a … Continue reading

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