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Wake up Jews! Wake up.

H/T to Theodore’s World for the picture. Visit and get her take on Obama vs. Israel. As goes Israel so goes civilization as we know it. This is not just a wake up call to Jews but also to Christians, … Continue reading

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Little Becky, spare tyre

Little Becky’s Prank Calls – Spare Tyre

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Clinton & Bush Showed their Records, But NOT Obama, He Gets a PASS

H/T to our friend Steve. Posted at themadjewess blog: Clinton was Born: August 19, 1946 Hope, Arkansas, His religion was Baptist. He was a draft dodger, went to Russia, burned the American Flag, had affairs with hundreds of women, we … Continue reading

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Obama Bingo ! Winners ? Losers !!! Here is something to help make Obama’s speeches almost tolerable.

Just print out this page, distribute it to friends, and listen.. (be sure to read directions at the bottom) Rules for Bullsh-t Bingo: 1. Before Barrack Obama’s next televised speech, print your “Bullsh-t Bingo” 2. Check off the appropriate block … Continue reading

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