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Obama, Napolitano, Holder, Schumer and…

the rest of you SChUMerBAGS Here is the truth, stop your deception and lies. Enforce our laws and secure the borders. No passes, no amnesty. WTF are you A$$holes doing? O’Reilly and Kelly talk about the Arizonia Immigration law

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What Obama and company has not told us. A must watch.

The below received in an e-mail. I could not download the videos. Hit the link to watch and re-post, e-mail or whatever. Not seen in the MSM. Take viral. MUST WATCH!! 2 short videos from the News station in Atlanta. … Continue reading

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Good Grief, are we ever in trouble. Stupidest caller ever.

Michael Savage- Stupidest Caller Ever- Welfare Money From Obama Stash, Illegal Aliens; Open Borders! This caller is an idiot. Comments please.

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Muslim A-hole!

Thanks to Bare Naked Islam for finding this. Please visit. Muslims attempting to teach a toddler to swim…. Waterboarding an adult terrorist  pales in comparison to what these A$$holes are doing to this child. These people (and I use the … Continue reading

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Second round with Islam !

The A$$HOLES of Islam accomplished the same thing with their threats against cartoons. Everyone participating in Everybody Draw Mohammad Day saw spikes in their visitations.

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