America At Risk: The War With No Name

America At Risk: The War With No Name – Official Trailer

America At Risk, hosted by Newt and Callista Gingrich, vividly demonstrates the dangers facing America, one decade after the attacks on 9/11. Today, Washington refuses to tell the truth about the war we are fighting. According to experts, we are at war with radical Islamists – and it is a war we are losing. By Citizens United Productions. H/T to Puma by Design.

We are at war with terror, at war with radical Islam. There is no longer any need to put radical and Islam together. The goal of Islam is a total Islamic Caliphate and we will remain at war until our PC political leaders see us defeated or until Islam itself is defeated. There is no alternative.

This is not our first brush with Islam. Shortly after our nations independence we were at war with Islam, with Barbary pirates. It was also a war perpetrated by Islam, not America. Appeasement did not work then, it will not work now. Read an excellent accounting here.

1785 – The Barbary pirates declared war on the fledgling US in 1785 when they seized two American vessels off Portugal, imprisoning 21 people. Click here for a timeline from 1760 to 2010.

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6 Responses to America At Risk: The War With No Name

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  3. steve says:

    Great post Bob.
    Thomas Jefferson, who waged war with the Barbary pirates made mention, after his victory at Tripoli that Islam is the greatest danger to mankind and even though defeated now (then) it would rise again … be prepared for a perpetual battle.

    • boudicabpi says:

      Hi Steve,
      We will be at war with Islam until there is no more Islam. If Islam is allowed to win there will never be world peace as they will torture and murder each other.
      Bob A.

      • “Let me say this as clearly as I can: the United States is not and will never be at war and with Islam,”

        This statement that Obama made this past weekend has really been bothering me. How the hell can he say something like that? Maybe he should have added “….during my Presidency.”

        As you point out in this post, we’ve been at war with Islam before & will be until there is no more Islam.

        Obama is just showing his true colors.


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