Immigration Reform, Emigration!

We don’t need immigration reform today. What we need is to force this failed government to secure our borders and enforce existing law. What we do need is to implement an  emigration policy and emigrate all illegal immigrants to the country from which they came. Keeping family together is not an excuse for allowing them to remain, they can stay together as a family in their respective home countries. In light of Islam’s danger to civilized society and our nation all non citizen Muslims should also be emigrated back to their countries of origin. Those few such as Rifqa Bary whose life would most certainly be over should she be forced back could be excepted if they could prove their denunciation of Islam, allegiance to these United States, desire for citizenship and were not here illegally.

Muslims have shown time and again their hatred for the United States and their desire to kill Americans and create an Islamic United States. Somali and other Muslim immigrants traveling abroad to train in terrorist tactics. Other Muslims or Muslim converts have proven the same desire and our so called leaders totally ignore the fact. If they can’t recognize and/or refuse to recognize our enemy they will lead us to defeat. Throw these enemies from within out at the ballot box and elect those that will. We are at war and it is a war declared on us by Muslims in the name of Islam, that is an indisputable fact. One only has to input Islam into the search box to pull up our many posts on the dangers of this ideology.

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4 Responses to Immigration Reform, Emigration!

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  2. themadjewess says:

    Absolutely; go home illegals.

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