U. S., Federal, State, Local governments the UN and NWO!

Wake up people these are not your friends, your saviors, your benevolent gift givers. These are your oppressors, your slave masters. Our government is supposed to be for the people, by the people and is neither and you sit or stand with your and your elected representatives collective heads

From an email.

I think Libya is a test of UN power over Nation sovereign rights to stay Independent , all a fundamental part of the NWO and Obama’s transformation into this Internationalism .

UN Declares War on Property Rights – Most of the USA would be Off Limits to Americans

We need to pray the states can push back on this Bill by enacting a provision that makes the states able to control the exporting of Their Food production until the state is adequately supplied with a Reserve of food supply that can withstand a Catastrophic event , this means like a stored supply of canned foods say to make up shortages if production falls short in the next years annual productions . This way you can stop the FEDERAL Government from trying to abide to Some United Nations Humanitarian Mandate , like they have done in regards to Libya , only say if the world has massive food shortages and the UN declares a Humanitarian disaster the way this Obama administration has things progressing with the UN action in Libya , they could ceases food in the USA to be redistributed to other parts of the world under a UN resolution , we have to Watch these idiots because they could cause us to be short .

The States Commerce Clause is our only hope for salvation …. We must find and keep Judges that will honor state Constitutional Laws or we the people will lose our Independence and become DEPENDENT on the Federal Government   and you know how History shows this to work out for the Masses …??  .

UN Declares War on Property Rights – Most of the USA would be Off Limits to Americans


Pay attention to what is Going on in the Internationalism all disguised as a Humanitarian effort , all to LOOK good in the Public EYE   !!!!!


what does Obama need to let the UNITED NATION control your Water for ?? what do you think this will do to Private Industrial Enterprise in the USA if the Power over Water usage is in the hands of the United nations ???  do you think we the people can maintain our sovereignty  let alone our Independent ability to be self Providing our Vital Needs ?? are you ready to trust the UNITED NATION with your LIFE needs of Water , all in the name of saving the Planet from you and me  ???
Please go to this website ;  http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/executive-order-stewardship-ocean-our-coasts-and-great-lakes , and scroll down to Sec.2 Policy(B-iii) you will read the line (iii)under “The United States shall promote this policy by”: pursuing the United States’ accession to the Law of the Sea Convention;  the ” Law of the SEA Convention ” Which regulates ONLY ” International Waters ”   what Obama wants to do Is place USA waterways into control under this UNITED NATION REGULATORY POLICY Which would Require the United States to Conform on USA Land to the Environmental Management and Commercial Developments of our Water Ways as How the United nations would DICTATE the USAGE LAWS, and If the USA did Not Abide by these Standards then UN NATO FORCES would Have the Right to Invade the USA and Enforce these LAWS  , and if you read this link you can read how the International Water ways are regulated in all forms , this would Undermine the USA sovereignty , and would be Un-Constitutional as if we were a One World Order under UN Agenda 21 , see here ; http://ning.it/fNHqhY


This is an attempt to cede control to the United Nation over  Humanitarian rights under the United Nations decree  , this is what Obama is trying to establish as a Means to supersede USA constitution al law , and they are doing this In LIBYA with calling it a Humanitarian mandate NOW with that war on Helping the Rebels , watch out people this is how Mission Creep can spread Internationally .

Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, is one of the top experts on the United Nations and threats to American sovereignty. In this interview, Mr. DeWeese alerts you to the UN assault on property rights via “sustainable development,” biodiversity,” and promoting “environmental armageddon.”

At the very end of the show, Mr. DeWeese shows a map of detailing how most of the US would be declared off limits to all people; with some areas allowing ‘limited’ human use, and only tiny areas allowed normal use by Americans. Is this the future you want? Americans herded into ghettos enforced by foreign UN troops? Learn the facts and let’s make sure Congress can prevent this totalitarian future.

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