Muslim appreciation. WTF?

All the goody two shoes cry along with Muslims about burning a fictitious rag. Where has this story of an Italian church being torched by Tunisian Muslims afer being taken in by the priest been reported. Where’s the outcry. Where is the retaliation and mass murders by Christians taking place. The answer is nowhere. Don’t you people understand that Islam is evil and can’t co-exist with civilization. These Muslims in under the name of Islam have declared war upon us and we strike back with an olive branch instead of an iron fist. WTF?

Migrants near a burning caravan on Lampedusa Island, Italy (file  picture)

Migrants near a burning caravan on Lampedusa Island, Italy (file)

So let’s get this straight, Tunisian refugees were taken in by (presumably) a Christian minister, who was then repayed by having his church set on fire?

Sounds like systems normal to us:

Tunisian refugees have set on fire a church at Lampedusa Island, Italy. No details of this incident have yet been revealed.

For some days, the situation on the island has been very tense. Local residents were unsatisfied by the torrent of Tunisian refugees, while the latter complained of poor accommodation conditions.

The church was set on fire after the priest had accommodated 36 teenage refugees in the parish.

Read the rest here.

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