Suicide of the west or assisted suicide?

I say assisted suicide because our elected officials will aid in our own suicide because the majority of voters are too fucking stupid to wake up and see what these academic ignoramuses, progressive, PC politicians that keep getting re-elected are doing. We must realize that we are at war with Islam, a war declared upon us. The end is near, stand up or submit and surrender yourself, your sons, daughters and offspring to hell on earth.

Pamela Geller on ” Al-Jazeera, Global Jihad, and the Suicide of the West”

Visit our good friend over at txlady, Politics, Religion and Family and see a related video.



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3 Responses to Suicide of the west or assisted suicide?

  1. Its because the msm is controlled by a group of snivelling cowards/socialist/progressives who dont investigate they advocate.theyve been the propaganda arm of the dnc for yrs.most people arent even willing to try to find the truth.a black friend of mine knows the kkk was/is the terror arm of the dhimmicrats.yet he still clings to the lie that THOSE dhimmis joined the repubs.isaid name 5 all he could come up with was you guessed it strom thurmand.i say so g.wallace byrd maddox bull connor al gore sr faubus etc became repubs?no but they changed he said.its about the big lie and covetousness people dont want any one to have a nickel more than they do.i get my news from cns american thinker bni jihad watch cbn etc i havent watched or read msm for 30yrs.people dont know the Bible much less the koran yet they go on hearsay.may i suggest:muhammad prophet of doom its free just google it.its great and exposes the muhanimal scam from their own books.we need something besides talk radio but i doubt if many would watch.

  2. txlady706 says:

    I’m going to publish the next video in a bit. It’s just as vital.

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