Obama, Soetoro? Do your own research, make up your own mind and give us your thoughts.

Obama’s Hidden Past

Information about Obama’s hidden past is finally coming out due to the diligent research of Citizens for Freedom and Donald Trump’s investigation into Obama (And it’s NOT about the birth certificate issue.). This video exposes the FACTS they have uncovered about Obama’s past that may be surprising, even shocking, to some. Manipulation of political figures by the ruling elite is nothing new. In fact it’s the documented history of how the British Empire (the mercantile elite class of Britain) was able to control the world (and still do). Knowing information like this and keeping it suppressed while financing them to high political office is how the controlling elite of the world are able to completely control the puppet politicians in America and deceive all but the most astute studiers of history.

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18 Responses to Obama, Soetoro? Do your own research, make up your own mind and give us your thoughts.

  1. Munl says:

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  5. themadjewess says:

    Obama is a terrible non Prez without any records, needs to be impeached, brought through the streets and made an example of.
    I am a ‘birther’.
    I am proud of that and not afraid of that.
    I have been following Obama usurpation since 06-02-2008. Many people who say we have no credibility are foolish and have not been following the stopry, so they ASSUME that we are not credible or insane.
    Either way, Obama is not natural born and should be impeached and exiled back to Kenya.

    • phoebe53 says:

      Exiled back to Kenya? He should be exiled straight to prison. I, for one, would be happy to have my tax dollars go for his prison maintenance. I was going to say until such time as he’s tried and hung for treason but since treason is betrayal to your country that won’t work since it’s not his country so I guess trying him as an enemy combatant will have to do.

      I don’t know if he was born here or not but there are too much circumstantial evidence to suggest he was not.

      I’ve been particularly interested in Gov. Abercrombie’s role in this. He has stated he was there when Bobo was born, then he stated that the first time he saw Bobo was when he was a few days old and then he stated that he only saw him at Little League games which, unless he was a baseball genius, would make him slightly older than newborn.

      When Abercrombie became Gov. of Hawaii he stated emphatically that he wasn’t going to rest until he released Bobo’s birth certificate, after a few days he said that he couldn’t release it because Hawaii has a law against it. Now, you’d think he would know that prior to becoming Gov, I did and I’m not even from Hawaii. My opinion is that he didn’t find a birth certificate, if he had found it he would have come out and said he saw and verified but can’t release it because of the law but he didn’t even say he saw it.

  6. Freedom, by the way says:

    btw–I added you to my blog roll (links to freedom) today, boudica

  7. I enjoy reading a post that makes citizen think. Some as a matter of fact exquisite posts on this internet site , thanks for contribution. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  8. phoebe53 says:

    This is very interesting and certainly puts a new spin on it that appears to jive somewhat. I was very interested in his school and law background, I can believe it that Saudi Arabia paid for his pretend Harvard Law Degree and it was a plausible explanation as to why he and Michelle gave up their law licenses.

    The problem I have with it is that Barack Obama Sr.’s mother said she was there when Bobo was born, if that is the truth then Soetoro couldn’t be his birth father which really is neither here nor there since he was adopted by Soetoro which made him Indonesian and I’ve never seen any evidence that he renounced his Indonesian citizenship. Everything about this man is questionable.

    I wouldn’t be as concerned about how long this video will stay on youtube as I would be concerned how long the op would be around.

  9. Citizen Tom says:

    This kind of stuff usually makes the rounds in chain emails. I suppose it was just a matter of time somebody tried to start spreading rumor videos.

    Be careful of people who you what you want to believe. Before you accept accusations against anyone, friend or foe, check multiple sources.

    Is the video true? snopes.com has a bias too, but they also have a reputation to protect. So I doubt the video and consider it a diversion designed to undermine our credibility, to waste time and energy better spent elsewhere.

    There is little doubt Obama has suspect connections, but that video makes too many unsupported assertions, some of which are silly. Why would the Saudis spend $20 million to get a drug addicted homosexual prostitute into Harvard?

    We elected Obama; we cannot undo it. However, we can fight his policies and work to make certain that scoundrel does not get reelected. We can explain why we hate his policies; we can explain why someone else would do a better job.

    Obama is a terrible president. What Obama is doing to our country is awful. He is bankrupting our country; he is trying to force our people to accept the values of secular humanism. By comparison, the charges in that video do not mean anything. If Obama was a good president, who would care?

  10. roblorinov says:

    I linked to this on my blog. Hope that is ok.

  11. roblorinov says:

    And someone like this now occupies the highest office in the land? Unbelievable!! I would have expected such a persons end to be in a prison cell somewhere but the Oval Office??? So the Saudi’s financed his tuition at Harvard and this explains why he bows to the King of Saudi Arabia. As for the media of course they are in collusion. That’s why Obama can do no wrong and no matter how much he lies the media cover for him. But what do you expect as he’s one of their own? WTF? You bet! Recall all the stories about media personalities having drug problems and weird sexual practices? Well like run with like don’t they? Great post! It needs to be slammed all over the Internet so people know the TRUTH for once!!

  12. Freedom, by the way says:

    Wow. If all this is true (or even a portion of it) the American people, the media got snookered good. Will it be ALLOWED to be busted wide open?

    • boudicabpi says:

      Hi Freedom,
      Did the media get snookered or are they in collusion with this fraud in the White House? How long will this clip stay on youtube?
      Bob A.

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