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Your death warrant, America’s and the west’s, being signed by Obama, PC politicians, progressive’s and sadly by your own hand.

I can’t tell you to wake up more than I have tried, that we are in a war with an evil, deceptive, destructive, murderous ideology called Islam. A war declared upon us by Muslims in the name of Islam. Time … Continue reading

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Meet the newest member on our blogroll, Freedom by the way.

Freedom by the way

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Is Obama a fraud, undeserving of the office he holds?

There are a lot, in fact too many unanswered questions about Obama. He refuses to answer and lay them to rest, instead spending millions to prevent them from being answered. Why? Hit the link below regarding birthers and visit Lame … Continue reading

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Visit the newest member on our blogroll. Welcome to Phoebe’s Detention Room.

Phoebe’s Detention Room My totally opinionated views on the news and preparedness site.

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