Your death warrant, America’s and the west’s, being signed by Obama, PC politicians, progressive’s and sadly by your own hand.

I can’t tell you to wake up more than I have tried, that we are in a war with an evil, deceptive, destructive, murderous ideology called Islam. A war declared upon us by Muslims in the name of Islam. Time is running short and unless you stand up now, realize and recognize the enemy you will fall. You will be sentencing yourself, family and future generations to a barbaric life and it ain’t going to be in a rose garden. Read the below and then hit the link and read in it’s entirety.

Why Islam is Taking Over America

Beware America, I bring you news of your own death; “a pale shroud laid out by your own hand”.  IDIOTICALLY, you have given religion status to an enemy invader called Islam; thereby egregiously violating the foremost principles of national security, sovereignty and warfare: An enemy invader must never (never) be classified as a religion.

Doing so is equivalent to a mad doctor injecting deadly cancer cells into a healthy patient in this case America. Look how Muslims are “shoving mosques down our throat” even at the hallowed “ground zero” of 9/11. They “thumb their noses” and jeer us, adding insult to injury. Why?  Islam is “programmed” to bring down America and knows no limits.  M.A. Khan in his excellently informative book, Islamic Jihad: A Legacy Of Forced Conversion, Imperialism And Slavery states:

Read it in entirety here at the source.

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  1. Great read. Thanks for the info!

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