Iran flexing it’s muscles in the Middle East.

Read in entirety at Joseph Wouk’s site. As Obama  weaken’s our ability to face an enemy Iran is beating war drums and the Middle East is facing increasing upheaval. Well know what Iran’s end goal is. First Saturday then Sunday.

The desire for war in Iran – Al Arabiya

The desire for war in Iran.

Does Iran wish to engage in war in the Gulf? We cannot give a decisive answer although all sorts of war drums are resonating in Tehran, and despite the ongoing preparations and military maneuvers by land, sea and air, the repeated announcements of new weapons and long range missiles and the development of the combat techniques.

But what is certain is that the Iranian leaders wish to try out military power in the Gulf, in light of the convergence of numerous factors pushing in that direction.

When the first Gulf war ended and Al-Khomeini was forced to stop the war with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, the Iranian authorities launched the largest campaign to develop their military machine on all levels while benefitting from the high oil prices. This allowed Iran to invest massive sums of money in this area, reaching the point of possibly achieving the dream of acquiring nuclear arms. In parallel to this general military mobilization, the Iranian authorities adopted an aggressive foreign policy relying on the principle of foreign conspiracy, injustice and the strategic rights in the Gulf. Such a policy does not only provide a domestic support to eliminate the opposition – as it happened with the Green Movement – but also seeks the legitimization of the acquisition and use of military strength.

As it is revealed by all the experiences throughout history, when a rising regional power enjoys excessive strength backed up by an aggressive policy, foreign war becomes an important option, especially in the absence of a democracy that might contain the fervent figures within the military institution. Iran’s current situation is emulating the scenario seen in Europe on the eve of the first and second world wars, as well as the one that was seen in Iraq prior to the war with Iran.

It is for these reasons that Iran might try out military power in the region, in addition to objective reasons related to the political circumstances prevailing over the Middle East.

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