Angels. Are there Angels among us? I say yes.

Think about the post title. There are Angels among us. They appear in our lives and we often don’t recognize them. They do things for you without asking anything in return. We don’t know why they are so caring, but they are. At some point they may disappear from your life and it will not be a friend gone but rather they have completed their work. Give thanks for what you had received and what they have given you. I had an Angel come into my life about 5-6 years ago and she is still here. My wife was ill for many years and about 6 years ago I had to quit work to take care of her full time. I never made myself a sandwich for lunch and had to do everything. I have an adult Down Syndrome son. My wife passed a year ago and this young woman who guided me through cooking, and was there as my son and I went through seeing his mother digress to the point that she could do nothing for herself and is still here. She brings a good meal, home made Lasagna or snacks such as home made blue berry muffins about every two weeks. She has been a mainstay in my daughters life for the past 9 month’s, since she got into trouble. She has sent her inspirational books and a wallet bible to carry with her. She corresponds with her every week or so and they finally after 9 months they met. Think who may have entered your life unknown before and has done for you with not asking for anything in return. When I am at my loneliest she is always there. These are the Angels among us. Send them a thank you and you will be blessed.You will not find your Angel by looking and don’t mourn when they leave, their job will be done. Just Thank God.

Bob A.

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24 Responses to Angels. Are there Angels among us? I say yes.

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  2. upaces88 says:

    There ARE very extraordinary people here who seem like Angles to us. They are the ones who walk into our lives at “just the right time” to save us from ourselves sometimes. “IF” we are lucky, maybe they stay around for a while to continue to Bless everyone they touch.

    Sometimes, they go on to their own lives…their own paths and we have a loving memory of them that will never leave us.

  3. Sue Odell says:

    I was at the hospital for the third time in one week with my sick husband.This time he was put in the ICU.I was in the waiting room trying my best to get a little rest.You can imagine how exhausted I was.A cleaning lady came in and saw me.She said,”Oh,you poor thing,let me get you a pillow and blanket”.She did and then she sat with me for a while and listened to my story about my dying husband.When she stood and turned to leave I saw her reflection in the waiting room window.It had wings! Took my breath away,beautiful!

  4. Michael says:

    this has givin me lots of help its funny how my life works my sister and my birthdays are tsn days apart and my grandma die between them “on the fifth day” thankks may i use u as a person in my school sppech?

  5. loopyloo305 says:

    What a wonderful post. I think God is always sending us the help that we need, but sometimes we don’t recognize it. Sometimes I truly feel sorry for those that will not see. The peace that comes with faith and belief has gotten me through many difficult times. I thank you so much for writing this and reminding that God is always there and that His angels are ever present.

    • boudicabpi says:

      Thanks for visiting. When I read the post 57 cent church I thought you might like it. And thanks for joining us at The Village of the Banned Private Club. They are all a great bunch.
      Bob A.
      Here’s another song by the Cactus Cuties.
      God Speed Little Man

  6. Bob,

    Thank you for an inspiring and encouraging post. I’m so sorry about the loss and difficulties you’ve had. With God’s help and the help of your angel, you seem to be getting through it.

    Your blog made another important point besides the fact that angels exist. You said nothing about your angel being supernatural. You don’t need wings to be an angel. An angel is just a messenger of God’s love. Whether or not your friend is supernatural doesn’t even matter: it’s the love and helping that count.

    • boudicabpi says:

      Hi Rinth,
      I visit your every post and comment, don’t often comment. I didn’t mention that over the last year her husband has also been there and my daughter met them both. Him first as he was out in the yard, he took us inside then went out to finish things and then came in. You put things much better than I. As you went for a college education I became a ROAD scholar, as opposed to a Rhodes scholar.
      Bob A.

  7. bydesign001 says:

    Indeed Bob, you are blessed. I also believe in angels. Often, we do not recognize them until they are gone.

    Allow to share an experience that occurred years ago. Came home from work late one night. The trains were a mess so I had to take a different route which required traveling through an extremely dangerous neighborhood. I only went that route because I thought I would get to that location before dark.

    I did not and to make matters worse had just missed a bus. I waited at the bus stop in the dark on a dark corner for 30 minutes. This young man came out of no where and stood at the bus stop with me. We talked but I was still nervous.

    The bus came, the bus driver opened the door and the young man said, “You can go first.” I did and when I turned around this young man was gone. I remarked “where did the young man go that I was talking to.” The bus driver said “what young man.”
    I never took that route home again but I did immediately recognize that God sent me a protector that night.

    What I am saying Bob is that he is always there and his angels and blessed are those who recognize that fact. You are a good man. As JC say, “a peach.” The Lord has your back.

    Thank you for the truly uplifting post. As I have said before, Bob, you are right on time.


    • boudicabpi says:

      Hi D,
      You have been and are one of my closest online friends. I seldom post anything like this. I just felt that it was a positive message for anyone feeling down and alone. Promises to be a good weekend as my daughter will be here Friday night until Sunday afternoon when she goes with her two boys to work around her grandmother’s yard, back to Florence Manor and not out again for two weeks.
      Bob A.

  8. JC says:

    The Bible told us that we would entertain angels. Through discernment we are able to distinguish the angels from/of God as well as those demons sent by/of Lucifer….problem is now-a-days we are so full of everything but discernment (due in part by the acceptance of sin a as normal/acceptable way of life) that we are unable to tell the difference. But the Bible told us about that too….but we choose not to hear/see the truth….for the truth is hidden behind a veil of lies/threats/hate and most will not ever scratch the surface to see God’s glory let alone salvation. Because we have been taught/conditioned to rebel against God by accepting/teaching that which we know to be sinful. The progressive left calls it (the truth) being racist haters. They do not see/hear sin…they see life from the prism of social/economic/judicial justice….but they have total left out the only justice that truly matters…God’s. Oh they speak in lofty heights about belief in God….and then vote to remove HIM from every part of daily life or worse yet they try to substitute a false god and propeht…such as muhammad and his demonic spawn of islam. You cannot maintain a building/house (no matter how Godly) if you are forever gutting the foundation. The foundation built upon shifting sands is nothing more than a recipe for disaster. Too bad this (it) will take us all down. And all because we have removed ALL reverence for God and HIS word from the very foundation that once made us great!!! May God have mercy on us all.

  9. Citizen Tom says:

    My mother believed in angels. When I was little, I did too. Then for years I disbelieved. Fortunately, I learned better.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • boudicabpi says:

      I believe they are among us, just that we don’t recognize them. Perhaps not an angel in the form most often thought, but appear nonetheless through the Grace of God.
      Bob A.

  10. mike smith says:

    very very nice and comforting and i know it is true,a blessing from god

    • boudicabpi says:

      Hi Mike,
      Not my usual post. However it is true and yes she has been an Angel in my life, my daughters life and her husband is just as caring.
      Bob A.

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