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Union Protestors Disrupt Special Olympics! WTF!

Special thanks to Voting American H/T to Puma By Design for the clip. Wis. Union Protesters Disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony Madison, Wisc…] On Wednesday in Madison, protesters picketed and disrupted the Governor’s appearance at a Special Olympics ceremony outside the … Continue reading

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My cousin Oliver strikes again, enjoy. Another email 6/8/11

Caution: Politically incorrect       At the Senior Citizens Center they had a contest the other day. I lost by one point.  The question was, “where do women mostly have curly hair”? Apparently, the correct answer was Africa.   … Continue reading

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More questions about Anthony Weiner…

…the self proclaimed liar. Is Weiner Jewish or now Muslim? BNI brings up some excellent points on the post Did Anthony Weiner, a Jew, convert to Islam to marry a Muslim? Visit and read. Do we have another closet Muslim in … Continue reading

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