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OMG!!! Got chiggers for the first time ever, I fell in some sticker bushes and then almost got arrested by the police for filming a train, but it was worth every minute if it helps us fire Obama come election time! “Only In America”
My name is Bruce Bellott. I was born in New Orleans in 1954. I have always dreamed of being a singer. I was raised by my loving, parents in a modest home with my two older brothers. My mother always believed I had talent and with tears in her eyes, gave me a one way ticket to Nashville, when I graduated from high school. I knew the sacrifice that ticket represented. I was determined to make her proud!
That first trip to Nashville ended sooner than I had hoped. I managed to pick up two singing gigs on 6th avenue. It payed enough to keep me going. I truly felt that I was living my dream. Unfortunately, before long, I got very sick and had to return home before I had accomplished everything I had set out to do.
As with all dreams, life began to wash away the time, money and drive needed to pursue those goals that haunt you. I started my own business and got busy with the business of life. Before long thirty years had slipped by and the next thing I knew… I was watching the foreboding forecast of Katrina.
That next year was truly a blur. We evacuated to a state park and spent the next week watching the destruction of our homes and way of life as it panned out on Fox TV. Tension and stress took its toll on my marriage and before the month was over my wife and I had separated. Lost, devastated and alone, I made my way to Nashville. I had lost everything and was virtually numb. The number of miracles that came my way from then till now are more than I can ask you to believe. Suffice it to say, many loving and kind people helped me to reach where I am today. I have my own business once again and I am fortunate enough to be singing and writing songs that I believe in. Now it is my turn to give back. I truly feel that God has been my co-pilot throughout this journey.
What is my idea of the American Dream????
The American Dream is the true belief that a man can lose everything…down to his last five dollars and climb back up to sing in front of a million people, proud and free and ONLY in America!!!!

Thanks for your time and God Bless,
Your cajun buddy,


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