Received in an email. Casey Anthony has been tried in the media for the past three years and convicted of murder. After being aquitted she is still being tried. I almost always take flak for not judging Casey Anthony guilty.

Carl F. Worden
July 1, 2011

There are two biblical warnings contained side-by-side in the Book of Isaiah

that seem to apply to almost every issue today, and they read:

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;

that put darkness for light, and light for darkness;

that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter ! 

Isaiah 5:20 KJV

Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes,

and prudent in their own sight ! 

Isaiah 5:21 KJV

We are seeing the world turn upside down right before our very eyes.  Casey Anthony is in Florida on trial for her life because her child died, probably by accident due to parental inattention or possibly neglect.  Another woman in Florida, on the same day little Caylee Anthony went, “missing”, might have had a late-term abortion intended to kill the perfectly healthy baby she’d carried for the past eight months.  The difference?  It was an easily proved premeditated murder in the latter case — had it been illegal.  But the laws of man have evolved so perverse as to protect the premeditated murder of one perfectly healthy baby in the latter case, while publicly condemning another woman who chose to carry her unintended pregnancy to full term, but who was probably stupid or inattentive at the worst possible time and tried to hide the result.

After having held a full murder trial against Casey Anthony, the prosecution still has not proved cause of death, let alone that the mother intentionally caused that death, yet Casey Anthony is facing the death penalty if convicted of murder.  The prosecution in the Casey Anthony case, along with such vicious luminaries like CNN’s Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell, had two years to poison any possible jury pool against Casey Anthony.  They accused the young mother, it seemed like almost nightly, of having drugged her child with Chloroform so she could go out and, “party”.  They accused the young mother of getting a tattoo to celebrate the young mother’s new-found, “freedom”.  The tattoo reads in Italian, “Beautiful Life”.  Grace and Mitchell wanted all of America to vicerally hate Casey Marie Anthony to death, and they may have succeeded if this jury is made up of emotional idiots.

It was the fact Casey Anthony lied repeatedly, tried to hide the death of her child and went out dancing after getting a tattoo, that led to this absurd prosecution.  There isn’t so much as a scintilla of evidence indicating an intentional murder took place, so the prosecution manufactured a murder case out of thin air.  They took computer searches for Chloroform in the Anthony home computer and accused Casey Anthony of rendering her child unconscious with the chemical, hiding the body in her car trunk and later disposing of the remains in the densely-covered woods near her parents’ home.  They further allege Casey Anthony got the tattoo to, “celebrate”, being free of the burdens of motherhood.  The only problem with that allegation is that Casey Anthony is/was a party girl second to none, and little Caylee never stopped her from going out and having a good time before.  The prosecution theory is BS.

I have a much different theory that is supported by the evidence presented at trial.  Based on that evidence, I believe Casey Anthony is truly emotionally disturbed and needs help.  After watching this bizarre, convoluted trial that revealed serious problems within her family, I believe that after Casey Anthony did something stupid or inattentive that resulted in the unintentional death of little Caylee, she hid the child’s body in the car trunk and eventually transferred the remains to the wooded area near the Anthony home where they were later found.  I also strongly believe Casey Anthony got that tattoo in loving remembrance of her child, and that Casey Anthony then engaged in, “party”, behavior, which happens to be a known, although rare, response to intense, abject grief in some people.  If you think somebody else isn’t acting as they should if it were you, try to remember the other person isn’t you.  That should help to clarify your judgmental thinking.

At one time in America, all criminal prosecutions had to include criminal intent in order to proceed, but that principle has also been perverted.  Now, prosecutors regularly charge parents with felony, “criminal”, child neglect when a child dies by accident, not because the parents deliberately held the kid’s head underwater, but because they were distracted when the kid got into a pool and drowned.  I believe Casey Anthony may have tried to hide her child’s accidental death for this very reason, and this is yet another unintended consequence of making accidents a crime where no criminal intent exists.

But I am also very concerned about Casey’s father, George Anthony.  I have always held that the very best liars I ever met were cops, and George Anthony is a retired cop.  He comes off as being oh-so sincere and forthright, but there is something very dark lurking there.  George Anthony denied having an intimate affair with one of the female volunteers searching for Caylee Anthony with the same sincerity and forthrightness that he displayed when testifying in other aspects of the trial, yet the evidence VERY strongly indicates Mr. Anthony DID have an affair with the volunteer, who testified that Mr. Anthony also told her the death of Caylee was an accident that snowballed out of control.  George Anthony also sent the volunteer a text message telling her he wanted her in his life.

There’s something else that bothers me about George Anthony’s character and particularly, his attempted suicide at a local motel.  In the suicide letter to his wife, he wrote that he’d failed Caylee and he wanted to go be with Caylee in Heaven.  Sounds real touching until you realize the selfish bastard would have left his loving wife Cindy to face all the remaining music by herself, and that tells me this guy’s no stand-up-guy and that he is nothing more than a sociopath narcissist himself.

George Anthony also denied ever having molested daughter and murder defendant, Casey Anthony, with the same oh-so sincere and forthright denial that he employed in the rest of his testimony, so how do we really know if George Anthony is telling the truth about that?  After seeing the text messages George sent the female volunteer and after hearing the direct, trial testimony of the volunteer, I don’t see how Mrs. Cindy Anthony could be led to any other conclusion than the fact George Anthony had an affair with the volunteer — yet he steadfastly denied the affair anyway.  If Casey Anthony considers herself a great liar, as the trial testimony revealed, where did she learn it from?  Based upon my own observations, George Anthony is an accomplished and very smooth liar, and would have made an excellent example for Casey to follow.

But none of this should matter to an astute jury.  After over a month of trial during which the jury was miserably sequestered, the prosecution was unable to prove cause of death, let alone intentional murder.  They were unable to prove the child had ever been abused, as in cases where a child’s skeleton reveals healed fractures of bones.  There was NO evidence that the duct tape was allegedly applied to Caylee Anthony’s face to suffocate her.  After the testimony and cross examination of the meter-reader who found the remains, it was obvious the man was less than forthright in his retelling of the discovery, and it turns out that he had lifted the bag four feet when the skull of Caylee Anthony came out and rolled onto the ground, and that he had used his meter-reading tool to move the skull around.  The duct tape was probably used to close the black plastic bag Caylee’s remains were found with, but because the area the remains were found in was often inundated with water, the duct tape lost its adhesiveness, came loose and was found near the skull of the remains.  From that, the prosecution jumped to the ridiculous conclusion that the duct tape was used to intentionally smother Caylee after mother Casey knocked the child out with Chloroform.

But renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Spitz disagreed.  He insisted that, had the duct tape been applied pre-mortem to the flesh of the face, there would have been some DNA recovered from the tape, but there was none.  To jump to the conclusion that the tape was used to kill the child, rather than assume the duct tape was used to close the black plastic bag, is no different than for some idiot prosecutor to charge me with conspiracy to make bombs just because I happen to have a reloading bench that includes every component I’d need to make explosives.

The only fact that can be stipulated is that Caylee Anthony is dead.  It is obvious mother Casey Anthony didn’t want to death to be discovered, but beyond that, there is no evidence whatsoever that Caylee Anthony was murdered, or that she died by accident or that she suddenly died of a brain aneurysm.  Unless Casey Anthony reveals what happened to Caylee, we will probably never know how Caylee died.

But here again, what is this jury going to decide?  For the past two years, CNN’s super-bitch Nancy Grace and the equally vicious and dry alcoholic Jane Velez Mitchell, have been telling their worldwide audiences that Casey Anthony is an unrepentant, sociopath monster who looked up how to make Chloroform, used it to disable little Caylee, wrapped duct tape around the mouth & nose of Caylee to asphyxiate her, then hid her body in the car trunk where it decomposed and smelled awful.  To paint Casey Anthony as the monster Grace & Mitchell wanted her depicted as, both slanderers blindly accused Casey of getting the tattoo to celebrate her new-found freedom to the exclusion of any and all other possible benign motives.

The verdict should be not-guilty on all counts, except for abuse of a corpse and any laws pertaining to requirements in reporting a death.  Casey Anthony never took the stand in her own defense, so the prosecution couldn’t badger her to tell the jury what actually happened to Caylee, and even if she did take the stand and told the absolute, incontrovertible proof of what happened, her past record of telling one fat lie after another would make the whole exercise moot anyway.

There was no way Casey Anthony could get a fair trial for the same reason I have complained about for years, which is pre-trial publicity in criminal matters.  Just look at the evil Nancy Grace inflicted upon those young athletes from Duke University, who were accused of gang-raping a stripper they’d hired.  The stripper was a liar and has since been charged with murder in an unrelated matter, but Nancy Grace was adamant in her public accusation that these young men had committed gang-rape when none had occurred.  If the stripper had not been revealed as the liar she was and had the Duke University athletes been brought to trial, Nancy Grace and her little nest of demons would have probably won a wrongful conviction in that case too.

I know it sounds awful, but I would love to see Nancy Grace wrongly accused of some heinous crime like Casey Anthony has been, waiting in a cramped, tiny jail cell 23 hours a day for years, all the while helplessly watching her TV accusers tell the whole world every night on TV that Nancy Grace is a horrible monster who deserves death.  I’ll bet the vicious bitch would commit suicide long before she ever got close to the needle.

The United Kingdom banned all pre-trial publicity in criminal matters years ago, because to their way of thinking, the defendant’s right to a fair and impartial trial and jury far outweighs the public’s immediate, “right to know”.  After the verdict is in and the jury has gone home, that is when the public has the right to know, and not one millisecond sooner.  One of the Big Ten Commandments is, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor”, and yet I see and hear Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell doing exactly that to people they don’t even know almost every night of the week.  Nobody can get a fair trial when the likes of Grace or Mitchell are allowed to spew their venom for months or years before trial, and I once again call for the United States to take the high road and adopt the same strict standards as the United Kingdom.  We are probably going to see some form of a wrongful conviction from the Casey Anthony murder trial only because pre-trial publicity was so intense, and not at all because the evidence pointed to her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

This is how perverse and amoral our nation has become!  A woman can carry out the murder of her late-term, healthy, eight month old baby with complete privacy and without being charged with a crime, while a young mother whose child died under unknown, undetermined circumstances, is charged with  premeditated murder.

What’s the difference?

Carl F. Worden

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4 Responses to WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE ?

  1. bydesign001 says:

    I watched the trial and indeed, there were some strange going ons. However, as I listened to the judge charging the jury, it occurred to me that a “not guilty” verdict was likely. Hence, the jury did what they had to do.

  2. bydesign001 says:

    Sad and perverse state of affairs isn’t it Bob? Talk about going to hell in a hand basket. The hand basket is now overwhelmed.

  3. Freedom, by the way says:

    And aren’t the American people (and the media) so quick to hand out “justice”? I didn’t watch the trial, only saw a very few highlights. I know our justice system is not perfect, some innocent people serve time they don’t deserve, other guilty parties go free. But unless you are a juror or a judge on the case, it’s really not our call. I too, hate both the pre-trial publicity and the live TV coverage of trials.

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