Pre Soviet war, pre Taliban Afghanistan, a happy place.

Just another reminder of what happens to a country once dominated by Islam. It transforms from a somewhat happy and secure land into a barbaric Islamic cesspool of subjugation, torture, death and destruction. Here’s a site on older Afghanistan you might enjoy visiting.H/T to Zilla, visit and read her excellent post.

The following are excerpts from a September 25, 2001 article in The Gazzette (Colorado Springs) by Cary Leider Vogrin about how life was for women in Afghanistan before the Taliban took over.
Soraiya Edressi Totakhail pushes a piece of paper across her desk toward a visitor. On it is a grainy, black-and-white computer printout of Queen Soraya, who helped rule Afghanistan in the 1920s.
“Look at what she’s wearing,” Totakhail said Monday, pointing to the queen’s sleeveless gown. No Afghan woman, she said, would dare dress like that today for fear of being stoned – or even executed – by the Taliban.
To Totakhail, the picture illustrates the “human rights catastrophe” that has occurred in her native country under the Taliban rule.

Our friend Zilla of the resistance has an excellent post on pre Taliban Afghanistan. Please pay a visit.

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7 Responses to Pre Soviet war, pre Taliban Afghanistan, a happy place.

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  3. roblorinov says:

    Wow the change is astounding! Islam the religion of peace and progressive? LOL oh yeah this proves it all—not.

  4. Freedom, by the way says:

    Wow–that was quite a read, Bob. I had no idea the history was so recent. That would be akin to women here today in the US suddenly losing all rights, professions, etc. Unimaginable. And the worst part is that we’re just going to go and let the Taliban take back over–all those lives for nothing.

    • boudicabpi says:

      Really thank our friend Zilla for her post. This goes along with Brigette Gabriels post on how fast Lebanon transformed from a Christian republic into an Islamic cesspool of hell, also recent. Obama would see it here if he could, he’s doing his best. Women here had best wake up along with their fathers, brothers and husbands.
      Bob A.

  5. Thanks, Bob! I love that site with the old Afghanistan pics, there is a lot of really good information there as well!

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